Vacker becomes official distributor of Testo, Germany

Vacker is officially appointed as a distributor by Testo, Germany. Vacker operates in the entire Middle East and African countries supplying various products for measuring and monitoring applications. Testo, Germany is a manufacturer of hundreds of products in these categories.

Few of the popular products by Testo, Germany

Some of the major Testo products being distributed by Vacker are listed below:

  1. Emission Measuring Device – Flue gas analyzer Testo 300

    Testo 300 is a smart flue gas analyzer with impressive technology and quality. It can measure the temperature, pressure and gases such as oxygen and carbon monoxide up to 4,000 ppm. It has a large smart-touch HD display (5 inches) that responds without any delay and long-lasting (10 hours) rechargeable battery life.

  2. Indoor Air Quality Measurement – Testo 160 IAQ Datalogger

    Testo 160 IAQ Datalogger is an easy to use WiFi-based data logger to monitor the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO²), and atmospheric pressure in a room.  It has a display which shows the values, an LED light alarm, and the values can also be viewed on a real-time online. The device also has an email or SMS alarm function when the limit values have been violated.

  3. Ambient Climate measurement – Temperature and Humidity WIFI Data logger Testo Saveris 2

    Testo Saveris 2 is a WiFi-based datalogger which can be used to monitoring the temperature and humidity online in real-time. The device wirelessly transmits the data to the Testo Cloud and can be viewed with a computer or any smart devices anytime. The device can also send an alarm notification in an email or SMS form if the temperature and/or humidity goes beyond the limit values.

  4. Electrical Measurement – Testo 760 Digital multi-meter

    Testo 760 Digital Multi-meter is a reliable and easy to operate multitasker meter perfect for electrical professionals. It ranges up to 1,000 V (voltage), 30 MHz (frequency), and 60,000 µF (capacitance). It’s a reliable solution for industrial applications because of its automatic measurement parameter detection. Aside from its reliability, it has an additional function – true root mean square measurement.

  5. Food Measurement – Testo 270 cooking oil tester

    Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester is a one-of-a-kind device that can measure whether the cooking oil is still safe to use. It measures the Total Polar Materials (TPM) in the oil which indicates the quality of the oil. It has an easy to understand alarm display which is same as the traffic lights principle (red, yellow, and green). It’s a reliable device which has a safe handling design which is also certified according to HACCP International and NSF.

  6. Thermal Imaging Camera – Testo 865 – thermal imager

    Testo 865 thermal imager is a high-quality device for an accurate, fast and reliable measurement. It has a very good image resolution quality of 160 x 120 pixels, or via integrated Testo SuperResolution Technology 320 x 240 pixels. Through automatic hot-cold spot recognition, it can display the critical temperature conditions directly. It can be used to detect leaks, identify overheated connections, identify thermal bridges or detect defects in the system.

  7. Flow Measurement – Testo 405i thermal anemometer with smartphone operation

    You can measure air velocities, temperatures and volume flow with the Testo 405i hot wire anemometer. The telescopic tube, which can be stretched up to 400 mm, is ideal for working in ventilation ducts. The readings are transmitted wirelessly directly on your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth to the Testo Smart Probes App. You can easily view the values and use various smart features.

  8. Pressure Measurement  – Testo 550 Digital Manifold

    The Testo 550 digital manifold can now make it even easier to operate on refrigeration systems and heat pumps. It is fast, accurate high and low pressure measurement with two temperature-compensated pressure sensors; automatic evaporation and condensation temperature detection.  You can also monitor the value to your smartphone/tablet.

  9. Transmitter – Testo 6441 – Compressed air meter (DN15) for 0.25 to 75 m3/h

    The Testo 6441 compressed air meter is a transmitter that converts the parameter calculated into a standardized electrical signal. The transmitter can be built into a system, making it a crucial measurement and control engineering instrument. The device is totally versatile with a wide range of signals, accurate and integrated with totalling function.

  10. Temperature Measurement – Testo 104-IR thermometer

    The Testo 104-IR thermometer is a high-precision 2-point laser (and 10:1 optics) with penetration probe measurement device used for food safety checking. The foldable probe is used for core penetration measurement food products like meat, etc. The Testo 104-IR is waterproof (IP65 rated) and also EN 13485 certified and HACCP compliant.

In the Middle East, we supply Testo instruments in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

Also, we supply these instruments manufactured by Testo, Germany to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.

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Remote Monitoring and control panel for Cold Rooms

We provide the control and monitoring system for cold rooms. These are useful for customers to monitor and control remotely.

Remote Monitoring and control of cold rooms.

Cold Room monitoring systemThere are many applications where customers want to monitor a lot of conditions remotely and also carry out control of many functions. Few of the features required are as below:

  1. Monitor whether there are any human beings inside the control room. This is required to control the door status for safety purpose.
  2. Monitor whether the door is kept open for a long duration.
  3. Alarm sounders, phone call and SMS alert system for a lot of conditions such as a human trapped inside, high temperature, high humidity, door left opened for a certain duration etc.
  4. Close the door remotely using a motorised control.
  5. Estimate the load inside a cold room and convey to the operator. This is especially effective in walk-in cold rooms without racks.
  6. Open and close the door using a wireless switch mainly for forklift operators. A forklift operator can open the door as he approaches the cold room without getting down from the forklift.
  7. Adjust the temperature or humidity remotely either through sending an SMS or using a mobile application.
  8. Control the dehumidifier or humidifier to adjust the humidity remotely by sending an SMS or through a mobile application.
  9. Monitor and record the temperature inside the cold room.
  10. Monitor and record the humidity inside the cold room.
  11. Pressure build-up inside a cold room.
  12. Sensors to check fruit ripening inside the cold rooms. The sensors will be able to send you an SMS when the fruits are ripened for transportation, distribution etc.

Control panel for remote monitoring and control of a cold room

Contact us for Cold RoomThe control panel will have the following components:

  1. Motion sensors to check for human presence. This can be combined with door sensors for safety purpose.
  2. Volume measurement by programmable distance sensors. These sensors in combination with a PLC can tell you whether the cold room is 100% loaded, 60% loaded etc. approximately
  3. Door contact sensors along with programming in a PLC to check whether the doors are left open.
  4. Wireless receivers for receiving signals from a forklift. The forklift drivers will have small wireless transmitters. These are portable and you can use the same device in different forklifts.
  5. Temperature sensors and recording devices for monitoring temperature.
  6. Humidity sensors and recording devices for monitoring Humidity.
  7. Gas sensors to check the gases produced inside the cold room especially for checking the ripening condition of fruits.
  8. A PLC controller to collect all data from various sensors and analyse to take proper action.
  9. A local hooter connected to the control panel for the local alert system.
  10. A SIM card based alert system for generating a phone call or SMS alerts to multiple users.

Vacker provides all types of monitoring and alert systems including automation systems for all kind of applications.

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Temperature testing for refrigerated Vans, trucks for medicine & food

It is essential to carry out testing of refrigerated trucks and vans to ensure that they maintain the proper temperature. Such vehicles are used for transportation and distribution of medicines, vaccines, processed food, frozen food etc. This article briefly explains the chances of failure of such vehicles.

Challenges & Recommendations for testing of cooled vans.

Due to the extreme ambient temperature, the cooling system of refrigerated vans has to be very efficient. We can assure this only be carrying out temperature testing of such vehicles. This test is generally known as Temperature Mapping Study. The main challenges and recommendations are listed below.

  1. The loading should be done only after pre-cooling the vehicle.

  2. Many users load the goods before the van is completely precooled and stabilized.

    This will take up to 60 minutes in summer. The users do not want to wait this long.

  3. The age of the cooled vehicle affects cooling capacity.

  4. The engine and the cooling machine struggles to maintain the temperature after a couple of years

    By the third year, the cooled vehicle has difficulty in maintaining proper temperature.

    The vehicle might be able to bring down the temperature, but unable to maintain stability.

  5. The Interval between door openings

  6. Even after the opening of a door for 60 seconds, it takes 10-15 minutes to stabilize the temperature inside the cooled vehicle.

    The duration for stabilization is determined in a temperature testing known as mapping study.

    Proper discipline is to be practised on the frequency of door opening.

  7. Door openings for Vans with 2 doors

  8. This problem is severe for cooled vans with two separate doors (one on the side & one on the back).

    The difficulties faced by frequent door opening is severe for vehicles with multiple doors.

    The interval between two such door openings can be prescribed after a temperature mapping study.

  9. The rear end takes a longer time to achieve the correct temperature.

  10. The cooling unit is at the front end of the chamber of the cooled vehicle.

    If the fan is not powerful, the cooling unit will automatically switch off before the rear end achieves the right temperature.

    This necessitates the selection of the right capacity of the cooling unit for any refrigerated van.

  11. The quality & thickness of the insulated wall

  12. The insulation material of the body is critical in maintaining temperature stability.

    The cooling down time, stabilization time after door opening etc. are affected by the quality & thickness of the wall.

  13. The cooling unit selection should not be just based on the size of the van, but the frequency of door opening as well.

  14. Most of the cooling units are provided based on the size of the vehicles.

    However, for a vehicle with the frequent door opening, a higher capacity is required.

  15. The sensor and the controller are the critical components.

  16. Even an error in the sensor reading will cause high fluctuations

    The sensors need to be calibrated.

    The controller needs to be tested frequently.

  17. The temperature behaviour is different under different load conditions.

  18. Stabilization time, door opening frequency etc. is different under different loaded conditions.

    Eg. The time for stabilization after a door opening is different in half loaded condition & fully loaded condition.

  19. The temperature shown in the display in the driver’s cabin is never the right one across the entire van

  20. The display only indicates the temperature near the cooling unit.

    It will never be the same across the entire area of the van.

    Even if the display shows 5°C, it is possible that some areas will be 9°C.

  21. The data recorded inside the van with a data logger has to be at the weakest point

  22. Users normally place a data logger or continuous monitoring system at a convenient location inside the van.

    But this point has to be the weakest points inside the van (The hottest & coldest points)

    Temperature Testing for Temperature controlled vehicles

    Temperature testing of the vehicles involves a series of real-time testing mainly in the refrigerated cabin.

    Temperature Mapping Study for Vehicles

    Temperature testing by mapping study is the only way to understand the behaviour in each vehicle.

    The behavior of two identical vehicles need not be the same under practical conditions.

    Hence each vehicle needs to be tested.

    Tests covered under Temperature Mapping Study:

    1. Pre-cooling time of the vehicle is tested.
    2. Ability to maintain temperature under 50% loaded condition
    3. Ability to maintain temperature under 100% loaded condition
    4. Time to stabilize after door opening of 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.
    5. How long the vehicle can maintain the temperature after switching off the van.

    Results / Recommendations after a Temperature Testing of Vans & Vehicles:

    1. The study will determine whether the van is good for the specified temperature.
    2. How long the vehicle should be precooled before loading the goods
    3. What is the ideal interval between door openings?
    4. What should be the setting of the temperature in the controller?
    5. Location for taking continuous readings for recording purpose.
    6. How long the vehicle will maintain temperature after switching off.

    Summary of Temperature mapping study:

    The following are the summary of details of a temperature testing of refrigerated vans and trucks used for medicine, vaccine, food etc.

    1. Test duration: 2-3 days
    2. No. of seasons: Summer & Winter
    3. Standards followed: WHO standards for temperature mapping study

    Download this document on Temperature testing of refrigerated Vans, Trucks etc.

    To conclude temperature testing of refrigerated vans and trucks is essential in Middle East such as Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah etc. in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq etc.

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Vacker ties up with Roambee, USA

Vacker has tied up with Roambee, USA for distribution of their products in the Middle East region.
Roambee ( is a revolutionary monitoring system, which incorporates advanced monitoring technology. It is a single platform for monitoring various parameters in warehouse, cold rooms, vehicles, trucks etc. You do not need a separate monitoring system for your fixed assets and moving assets. These are Bluetooth based wireless systems.
These are complete asset management systems which can track a moving asset such as a cargo along with its temperature, humidity etc. For moving asset management, the devices will have a SIM card.

Applications of Roambee Asset management system:

The Roambee systems are useful for numerous applications, few of which are listed below:

  1. End-to-End monitoring of each item in your warehouse, factory or while in transit.
  2. To monitor the efficient utilization of various assets in the field.
  3. Inventory auditing of various assets even while they are on the move.
  4. Monitor and prevent damage to goods even while they are In-Transit.
  5. Cold Chain Monitoring solutions across the entire journey from production, shipment, storage and distribution.
  6. Inventory Audits of various capital items across multiple warehouses, yards, work sites etc.
  7. Monitoring of supply chain assets which are constantly on the move such as pallets, bins, tubs, totes irrespective of their physical location and country.
  8. Monitor proper utilization of your warehouse, factory space, yard etc.
  9. Real-time monitoring of 3PL & Logistics operations including expected time of arrival across multiple countries and shipping modes.
  10. Monitoring in the automotive industry for various movable items across yards, storage areas etc. for returnable & reusable supply chain assets such as pallets, bins, tubs, totes etc.
  11. Monitoring Security and safety of chemicals, their temperature, light exposure etc.
  12. Monitoring and managing high-value construction equipment in the field, work site, on the road etc.
  13. Real-time monitoring of consumer goods during their shipment for security, tracking, tampering etc.
  14. Tracking and safety monitoring for electronics goods.
  15. Monitor location, operational parameters etc. for high-value medical equipment in hospitals.
  16. Monitoring location and operational parameters of heavy equipment & construction equipment for rented equipment.
  17. Monitoring of machinery and health of agriculture machinery.
  18. Monitoring variables in the farming industry.
  19. Keep tracks of shipping containers while they are on the move across countries.
  20. Monitor the location and health of high-value equipment in the manufacturing industry.
  21. Manage and track equipment and asset in the Oil & Gas, Utility sector.
  22. Monitoring temperature & tracking the location of samples, medicines etc. in Pharma & Life Sciences.
  23. End-to-end monitoring of packaged goods from warehouse to the distributor, consumer etc.
  24. Monitor and track various fixed and moving assets in Ports & Airports.

The system can monitor location, vibration, temperature, light exposure, humidity etc. Roambee is developing new capabilities to monitor more and more parameters.

The Roambee name and logo are registered trademarks of Roambee Corporation, USA.

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Data measurement for Agriculture & Indoor Farming

We provide various measurement solutions for monitoring agriculture in general, particularly indoor farming. We use specialised data loggers for collecting and storing data related to farming. The most common parameters that require regular monitoring are:

  1. Temperaturemultichannel-data-recorders-for-agriculture
  2. Humidity of air
  3. Moisture content
  4. Soil moisture
  5. Light
  6. Carbon Dioxide
  7. Carbon monoxide
  8. The rate of air flow in case of indoor farming
  9. The height of the plant to measure the growth from time to time.

We use numerous sensors to collect these data. Each of the above parameters will need a different type of sensor. All these sensors are connected to a local centralised data logger. Alternatively, we can connect these sensors to an IOT platform. This will be centralised in a cloud platform.

By combining all these data, a specialist can study the growth of the plants in relation to all these parameters. Advanced data analytics can be down if the farm size is big. This will provide more insights into various aspects of the farm to increase efficiency in operation, time etc.

We also have data loggers which can take up to 400 input signals. This will be good enough for a small to medium-sized farm.

We are providing our services across all Middle East countries covering the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Also, we are supplying these systems in African countries covering Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda.

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Vacker develops own Monitoring System

VackerGlobal develops their own real-time monitoring system for monitoring Temperature & Humidity. Currently, the system is capable of measuring and recording Temperature and humidity. The future plans include adding a host of other types of measurements. The system is jointly developed by Vacker Dubai and the sister concern for software development Vacker360 (
The system is currently in testing phase and has the following functions:

  1. Measure and display temperature & humidity.
  2. Cloud-based recording of temperature and humidity
  3. A phone call and SMS alerts to 5 people.
  4. Web-based user interface for downloading the data.
  5. Features to download reports for custom durations such as a week, month, year etc.
  6. Wireless sensors which will be easy to install.
  7. Rack mounted versions will be developed later for data centers.
  8. Adjustable sampling intervals such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minute etc. for collecting the data.
  9. Ability to install a central monitoring screen displaying various sensors.
  10. Ability to display the layout of the warehouse indicating current temperature of various sensors.
  11. Ability to convert into a complete IoT platform (Internet of Things) at a future date.

We will keep you updated on the progress of development phases.


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Dehumidifier for Egg Storage

Storage of eggs is an important part in a hatchery before the incubation period. The situation is very critical and the egg storage needs to be done very carefully to minimize the damage in eggs. Generally the storage time period for the eggs in a hatchery is about 0-20 days but can vary according to the requirement and place.

Improper storage of the eggs can hamper the hatchability of the eggs as well as the chick quality. Proper eggs storage helps to stop the incubation of eggs before the process is initiated. Without the proper storage environment the mortality of the egg embryo is very high. Hence the most important factors to be considered during storage are temperature and humidity.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE servers need Monitoring System

Server monitoring system vacker

It is a known fact that many businesses that are working in Abu Dhabi rely on various IT network and infrastructure for smooth running. Any problem in the system of servers can have a huge negative impact on the businesses that depends on them. The productivity of the businesses as well as the reputation can have a huge negative impact.

Such is the nature of competitive market that even the slightest of delay can have a deadly effect on the business. With so many businesses relying on the server it becomes important to run the server systems smoothly throughout the day.

What is a server monitoring system?

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Data Loggers


Vacker Group has been supplying top class data loggers for industrial use as well as other commercial and domestic use in UAE along with other GCC nations. Our data loggers are available in the most competitive price in the market with the warranty provided by the company.

Introduction to a data logger

Data loggers are devices that are capable of measuring various physical properties and keep a record of it. Data loggers are designed in such a way that they take the measurement on certain interval of time. The data recorded in the data loggers are very useful as this data can be used in the future for analysis. The analysis helps people to gain knowledge that can be used for benefits in the future.

There are various types of data loggers supplied by the company out of which some are as follows:climate-data-logger-vackergroup-dubai

  1. Climate data logger

    The data logger supplied by our company is manufactured by a well-known manufacturer in Europe, Trotec, Germany. Climate data logger is a multi-tasking device as it can record various aspects of climate that includes temperature, humidity, etc. The device is also used in silo surveillance. The data logger also not only shows the current reading but also shows average reading, maximum reading and a minimum reading of a certain period of time. The climate data loggers come with various memory capacities according to the requirements of our customers.

    Read more on Climate Data Loggers

  2. Humidity data logger

    temperature-humidity-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiHumidity data loggers are useful in monitoring humidity of a place but generally, these humidity data loggers come with a combined feature of recording temperature as well. This is because humidity is closely related to temperature and the humidity taken without temperature does not give a clear picture of the condition of the place. Various types of data loggers supplied by our company are as follows:

    1. Standalone temperature and humidity data logger
    2. Humidity data logger type MX-HS-S-16-L
    3. Panel mounted humidity data logger
    4. A multi-functional humidity data logger

    Read more on Humidity Data Loggers

  3. Pressure data loggerpressure-data-logger-vackergroup-dubai

    The pressure data logger by Vacker can act as an indoor weather station for the user. The device is a multi-tasking device as it can measure the temperature of the air, humidity in the air along with air pressure. The device is available for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. The data loggers have been used in many laboratories, hospitals, operation theatres, etc.

    Read more on Pressure Data Loggers

  4. Temperature data logger

    temperature-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiTemperature is one of the main factors that effect the environmental condition of a place. Temperature data loggers are capable of recording the temperature of the ambient environment. Temperature data loggers are very useful small devices and hence, find their applications in many fields. Temperature data loggers are used in manufacturing industries to monitor the temperature of the manufacturing environment. They are also used by the food processing industry and pharmaceutical industries. Hence, temperature data loggers are an important aspect of environmental monitoring and protection.

    Read more on Temperature Data Loggers

  5. Temperature, humidity and CO2 data logger

    temperature-humidity-carbon-dioxide-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiThis multifunctional data logger is helpful in monitoring temperature, humidity level and carbon dioxide level of the environment. The data logger is the perfect solution for the user who is looking for monitoring carbon dioxide concentration of the room as well as temperature and humidity.

    Read more on Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Data Loggers

  6. Single-use USB data logger

    single-usb-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiSingle-use USB data loggers are for the user who is looking for a data logger just for one use. These are temporary data logger which can record data only once and are not reusable. Such data loggers are mostly used where long term data recording is not required. Such data loggers are also known as single-use USB data logger.

    Read more on Single-use USB Data Loggers

  7. Light data logger

    The Lux level of the light in a place can be measured with the help of light data logger. The data logger is useful in lighting design for designers in a room. The light data logger is also used in checking the lux level of street lights, stadium lights and other public places.

    Read more on Light Data Loggers

  8. Vibration data logger

    Vibration data loggers help to continuously monitor the shock and vibration in a machinery system. These data loggers help to avoid any kind of damage due to excessive vibration or shock in a system by alerting the user.

    Read more on Vibration Data Loggers

  9. Strain gauge data logger

    Excessive strain can cause breakage of huge structures such as bridges, buildings, piles, etc. Hence it is very important to keep the amount of strain in check to protect the structural properties. Both temporary instalment and permanent instalment of the data logger is available in the market.

    Read more on Strain Gauge Data Loggers

  10. Wireless Bluetooth data logger

    Vacker recently tied up with Roambee, the USA for wireless Bluetooth data loggers. These data loggers work without any local network. A central receiver can collect the data through Bluetooth. This receiver then transmits data through a SIM card. It can monitor various data such as temperature, humidity, GPS location, pressure, vibration etc. Please read more on Bluetooth data loggers.


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Do you know the monitoring system ranges?


Monitoring system refers to a system that is capable of observing and recoding various kind of parameters in an environment. Various kinds of parameters are temperature, air pressure, water leakage, power consumption, and many more. Monitoring systems have become an integral part of our human life as these systems help us to gain information and proceed our work accordingly. They are also the basic part of an automation system as an automation system includes monitoring and reacting. Monitoring systems involves a large area as there are various types of monitoring systems for different places.

Types of Monitoring Systems

Many companies in the world have been supplying many types of monitoring systems for different fields. The range of monitoring system is very large and the different types of monitoring systems are as follows:

  1. Cold room monitoring


    There are various types of temperature sensitive products stored in cold rooms. Some of the products include dairy products, medicines, vaccines and many more. Even a slight change in the temperature of the environment can vastly affect the quality of these products, hence Vacker UAE brings the high quality temperature monitoring system for cold rooms capable of monitoring for various time period regularly. The time period may range from some days to several years.

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  2. Carbon monoxide monitoring


    Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and is generally produced due to the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Large industries, factories, automobiles etc. are the main source of carbon monoxide. Presence of the gas in the atmosphere in a living space can harm human health in a great deal. Hence monitoring of the gas in a potential area where there is danger of the gas level increasing becomes very important. Vacker UAE supplies carbon monoxide monitoring systems for all kinds of places such as parking lots, offices, factories, warehouses etc. These monitoring systems helps to alert the user when the level of carbon monoxide reaches the danger level through various types of alarm system and create a healthy environment.

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  3. Refrigerator and freezer monitoring


    Monitoring of temperature for maintaining consistent level of temperature is very important in refrigerators and freezers. Some of our temperature monitoring systems is so much sensitive that they can monitor even the change of 0.1 degree Celsius. The monitoring system can be easily connected to the internet for remote monitoring.

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  4. Warehouse monitoring

    Various kinds of products are stored in the warehouses. According to the products various parameters need to be monitored regularly. Factors such as temperature, humidity, water leakage etc. are some of the common parameters that are monitored in a warehouse. Various kinds of alarm systems such as SMS, phonecall, email etc. can be installed in the monitoring system according to the requirement. These monitoring systems help to protect the quality of various products stored in the warehouse.

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  5. Water leakage monitoring

    Water leakage is a major problem in a water supply system. Water leakage is very hard to detect as these leakage generally can occur in place where human eyes may not reach. This can cause loss of water and damage to other properties. Water leakage monitoring system helps to effectively detect water leakage as well as spot the location of water leakage.

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  6. Water level monitoring

    Water level monitoring systems help to effectively monitor the level of water effectively. These monitoring systems are especially important in large plants where dry water tank can result in loss of property. Water level monitoring systems help to continuously monitor the level of water in a tank which helps the user to gain peace of mind and stop worrying about tanks running out of water.

    Read More

  7. Server room monitoring


    Server rooms are highly sensitive areas and various factors are monitored continuously in the server room. Temperature, humidity, air pressure, power failure, water leakage etc. are some of the parameters that require continuous monitoring. Our company supplies all kinds of server room monitoring system for data centers and server room of all types.

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  8. Room pressure monitoring

    Many places such as isolated rooms of hospitals, laboratories, clean room etc. need controlled air pressure in them. Some may require positive room pressure while some may require negative room pressure. Room pressure monitoring system helps in monitoring the required room pressure in such places.

    Read More

  9. Energy monitoring system

    Being energy efficient is important both environmentally and economically. Energy monitoring system helps to monitor the trend of energy consumption of a place. The study of these trends helps to devise a plan for saving energy in the future. it will definitely help to decrease the bills of energy consumption and ensure smarter ways of living life for the users.

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Our other monitoring system includes clean room monitoring, environment monitoring, gas monitoring, IP based monitoring, etc.

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