Cold Room Temperature Recording with Alert

Cold room Temperature monitoring is critical for cold rooms, walk-in freezers, cold storage, etc. This is especially important for the storage of medicines, vaccines, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, frozen food, chicken, meat, cheese, butter, etc. They are suitable for walk-in refrigerators, blood bank facilities, medical laboratories, vaccine storage, etc. Any such cold storage will require that the temperature should remain within a certain upper and lower limits.

VackerGlobal provides various types of wired and wireless monitoring systems for cold rooms.

Important functions of cold room monitoring system model VAC – 082 TH


Food cold storage monitoring with phone alert

This easy to install device is mainly for cold rooms and small warehouses. We are providing features of one of our simplest cold room temperature monitoring system as below.

  1. This cold room alert system can measure and record from -40°C to +70°C.
  2. The device has recording and monitoring functions.
  3. The cold room recording function will record temperature within the device and will transmit to a central server in a timely manner.
  4. The cold room monitoring function of this cold storage monitoring system will keep on checking whether the temperature is exceeding the upper or lower limits.
  5. When the temperature exceeds the limits, it will activate an alert system sending email, SMS, and phone call alerts. This is especially useful for the storage of medicines, which are stored in a critical range of 2°C to 8°C.
  6. The data of the cold room monitoring system will be continuously recorded on a cloud-based server.
  7. The device can work on batteries without the main power supply.
  8. There are different models in WiFi and wireless transmission methods.
  9. If you want to record humidity as well, a separate model of a cold room monitoring system is available.
  10. Any new customer can install the devices based on our instruction videos.
  11. The user can adjust the sampling interval from 1 minute to 12 hours. In the case of a medicine cold room, we propose to keep at least an interval of 3 minutes. For a meat cold room, a recording interval of 10 minutes might be sufficient.

Temperature and humidity monitoring for cold storage for medicines


Medicine cold room temperature monitoring system

Humidity also is important for cold rooms storing medicines and vaccines. Generally, the humidity has to be less than 65%. In such cases, you need to record and monitor temperature and humidity. Also if you are storing certain items like potatoes, bananas, onions, etc. humidity is important. This might be applicable to many other fruits and vegetables. In all such cases, you may need a cold room monitoring system for temperature and humidity.

In case the humidity is high, you may have to use cold room dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity to the desired levels. In case you want to increase humidity, you may have to use industrial humidifiers to increase the humidity.

Cold room power failure monitoring system VAC 083 P

This is an auxiliary device for power failure monitoring. In case the electrical power to the cold room fails, it immediately alerts the operator. It can generate phone calls to 8 operators and send them SMS text messages as well.


Cold room monitoring sample report

Features of this cold room electrical power monitoring system are as below:

  1. It operates on battery and hence provides a foolproof alert system.
  2. It will make phone calls to 8 operators one by one until someone picks up.
  3. If no one picks up the call it will repeat the call to all of them once again and so on.
  4. Upon attending the call, it will play a recorded voice message such as ‘power failure at cold room 1 at Paris’. This recording can be customized for each customer by themselves.
  5. This power failure alert system operates on a SIM card and hence works without limitations of internet connection, server etc.
  6. At the same time, it will also send SMS text messages indicating the power failure. The text can be configured for each customer. The text will be something like ‘power failure CR1’.

Nowadays insurance companies also insist on recording such critical goods inside cold storages or walk-in freezers. Insurance companies provide compensation for the damaged goods after getting the record of continuous temperature monitoring. Hence the requirement for temperature monitoring has increased in this modern time.

Walk-in Freezer Temperature and humidity monitoring system


Wifi cold room monitoring alert system

For freezers operating below 0°C, the sensors will be different. Normal sensors which are used above 0°C are not suitable for sub-zero temperatures. So please be careful to select the right sensor while ordering. Other aspects of monitoring and recording are the same as in a cold room monitoring system. Also, we can configure the alert levels separately for freezer alarms.

Local alarm or siren for cold room monitoring

Some customers prefer to have a local siren installed in a nearby area or in the guard room. The purpose is that after office hours, an alarm system can alert the security guard regarding a temperature excursion. This is possible through an auxiliary circuit. The customer can wire a siren or hooter to any distance. When an alarm event occurs, it will also generate the local siren in this system.

Product Description of Cold Room Temperature Monitoring System with Alert

  1. Brief Title of the device: Cold Room Temperature Monitoring System with Alert.
  2. Brief Description of the device:  Monitoring system ffreezer-and-cold-storage-temperature-recording-with-alert-VACTR72WBor recording temperature of cold storage, walk-in chillers etc. It also generates Email alerts and phone call alerts through an optional auxiliary system. It records the data in a cloud server, which you can access from anywhere.
  3. Model number: VAC-TR72-WB
  4. Brand: T&D
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1005000068
  7. Price (USD): 845.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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