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industrial-automation-in-dubaiIndustrial automation is integrating all functions of the production line to process automatically and making high productivity. It’s also known as smart industry concept (read about Internet of Things) and the digital manufacturing in a production warehouse. It is all about switching the human labour power to centralised control systems and technology. Generally it is done by replacing the tasks which is done by human to different electronic components and technology like pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. In the modern world industrial automation has become very common and widespread around all the sectors like FMCG, Pharmaceutical, oil and gas, automotive.

Advantages of our industrial automation solutions


When it comes to automaton it replaces human to machineries so from that we can minimise the human errors. When a person repeatedly doing the same work, again and again, they will be fed up with the system and prone to make mistakes. But the machines will not get exhausted and will do more work in the minimum time period with fewer errors. So it will lead to high productivity and high efficiency.

  1. So once everything is handling technically through systems then there would be high quality of production process with lesser wastage. Once you are installing the system there will be initial cost but after that it will be all profit only.
  2. And also when the basic tasks are done through machineries then the employees can concentrate more on the high value company improvement decisions. So it will lead to innovation in the industry and can be outstanding with other competitors in a global rank.
  3. In modern world most of the customers prefer customised product for their needs, especially high end consumers wants customised designs. So as a solution for that customer can select the preferred design through the company website and it will give an order to the production line and through technology with minimum human interference and precisely the product is ready for customer.
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  5. Industrial Automation will lead to high excellence products with minimum wastage and also with the machineries it will speed up the production line so eventually companies can reach the global quality standards with less cost.
  6. In case if you want to add a new task to the production line for humans there should be proper training and for that you have to spend time money and effort. But once it is automated you just have to fix one new machine only and there won’t be any training or mistakes, only initial cost will be there.
  7. For humans there will be monthly wages, played holidays, increments, work environment safety, union issues, risk of employee theft, careless mistakes, so once there is machineries installed for the human work then there will be only initial cost and no other extra expenses. So once the machineries are installed and automated in the factory you need only few employees to monitor the machineries not like floor full of employees conducting various functions in the production line.
  8. If you have an issue with labour cost and thinking about shifting the production warehouse to an area with low labour cost like to an Asian country there will be more work and expenses so in that situation the best solution for you is automation with less labour involvement for the production.
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  10. For oil and gas mining industry automation is a great benefit, especially because the mining lands are in remote areas and it is hard to find specialised labours that can do the mining drilling and extracting oil and gas from desert area. So for that the best solution is industrial automation and where ever you go you can carry the machines and install it without any other issues. So there will be only the initial cost for that and it is very convenient.
  11. Through automation once the cost is reduced you can offer products to customers for a lesser competitive price and the ultimate results will be sales increase and high profit in the business.

VackerGlobal offer many types of customised solutions based on the industry you work and based on the requirement of the user. And we offer a customised system matching with consumer budget so feel free and contact us for all your queries.

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