Vacker supplies following heaters manufactured by Trotec, Germany and Dantherm, Denmark. The heaters supplied by Dantherm are manufactured by their group company Masters, Italy.Vacker-oil-electric-gas-heaters

  1. Gas Heaters which use gas as fuel.
  2. Oil heaters which use oil as fuel.
  3. Electric heaters which use electricity to heat coils
  4. Industrial heaters for all types of big heating applications.
  5. Tent heaters to heat tents, camps etc.
  6. Mobile portable heaters which can be easily shifted.
  7. High capacity central heaters which can be connected to ducted systems.

Type of Heaters

Please see the corresponding pages to see different models.

  1. Electric Heater

    Electric heaters work on electricity using coils. These are the most common type of heaters. Read more on Electric Heaters.

  2. Gas Heater

    Gas heaters use gas as the fuel for heating. It will be combined with a fan for generating and distributing the heat.
    Read more on Gas heaters.

  3. Oil Heater

    The oil heaters use different types of oil as fuel. There are different models with low oil pressure and high oil pressure types. Read more on Oil Heaters.

  4. Industrial Heaters

    Industrial heaters are very high capacity heaters either based on oil or electricity. Read more on Industrial Heaters.

  5. Infrared Oil Heaters

    Infrared oil heaters use infrared technology to transfer the heat, without heating up the air Read more on Infrared oil Heaters.

  6. Outdoor Space Heater

    For heating outdoor space in winter, we can supply oil and electric type heaters Read more on Outdoor Space Heaters.

  7. Tent Heater

    Tent heaters are used for heating the inside of tents. The heaters can be electric or oil heaters. Read more on Tent Heaters.

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In the Middle East, we serve the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

Also, we supply to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.