Heat Things up – Electric Heaters for Buildings, Warehouses & More!

When the chill of winter sets in or you find yourself in need of some extra warmth, electric heaters can be a lifesaver. Whether you want to heat up a small room, a large warehouse, or create a cozy outdoor space, electric heaters offer a convenient and efficient solution. Let us explore the benefits and applications of electric heaters, focusing on electric room heaters and outdoor electric heaters.

Electric Room Heaters: Stay Warm and Comfortable

Electric room heaters are designed to provide targeted heating in individual rooms or small spaces. They are available in a variety of types and styles, offering flexibility to suit different needs. Here are a few key benefits of electric room heaters: –

  • Energy Efficiency

Electric room heaters are highly efficient compared to traditional heating systems. They convert nearly 100% of the electricity they consume into heat, ensuring minimal energy waste.

  • Safety Features

Modern electric room heaters come equipped with advanced safety features such as tip-over protection and overheat protection. These features automatically shut off the heater if it is accidentally knocked over or reaches a dangerously high temperature, providing peace of mind.

  • Noise-Free Operation

Electric room heaters operate silently, creating a calm and peaceful environment. Unlike some traditional heating systems, there are no loud fans or motors, ensuring a quiet and comfortable experience.

Outdoor Electric Heaters: Extend Your Living Space

Outdoor electric heaters are a fantastic addition to any patio, garden, or outdoor entertainment area. They allow you to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors even in colder weather. Here’s why outdoor electric heaters are worth considering –

  1. Instant Heat

Outdoor electric heaters provide instant heat with the flick of a switch. Unlike wood-burning or gas heaters, there is no need to wait for the heater to warm up. You can enjoy the warmth right away.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Electric heaters produce no harmful emissions, making them an eco-friendly heating option. They do not require the use of fossil fuels, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

  1. Versatility

Outdoor electric heaters come in various styles, including wall-mounted, freestanding, and tabletop options. This versatility allows you to choose the perfect heater to suit your outdoor space and design preferences.

Types of Electric Heaters from Vacker

  • Professional Electric Heater TEH 70

The TEH 70 is the ideal heating option for unventilated areas that need to be heated with warmth that doesn’t cause condensation because of its durable design, high quality workmanship, and various tried-and-true solutions.

  • Master Electric Heater B 3

Electric fan heaters are very effective appliances that are frequently utilized in a wide range of applications. They offer quick, efficient, and secure heating. Due to their simplicity of use and portability, electric heaters are perfect for temporary or emergency heating. Only certified high-quality parts are used in Master electric heaters, ensuring their dependability and effectiveness.

  • Electric Heater Fan TDS 19 E

The red electric heater fan is perfect for heating construction trailers, indoor market booths, and smaller workplaces. It also has a flaming appearance. For example, in unheated rooms, where the use of oil and gas heating appliances is undesirable or even illegal, the TDS 19 E may be used in virtually all these settings.

  • Electric Heater TDE 95

The distinctive appearance of the electric heater TDE 95 has always set it apart. Its exceptional continuous heating capability of up to 18 kW has always been a standout feature, and now the logo print on the side plates of this most recent TDE device generation has added to its individuality. A straightforward range of heating devices that are entirely of Trotec brand quality.

  • Electric Space Heater TDS 120 R

The fully galvanized, coated steel sheet housing of the electrical space heater TDS 120 R houses premium corrosion-protected stainless steel heating elements, which immediately generate formidable heat and flow out in large volumes via the powerful air circulating follow-up fan. The carriage construction of the heater is comfortable to transport and stable, and it has wheels with ball bearings.


Electric heaters are an excellent choice for heating buildings, warehouses, and outdoor spaces. Electric room heaters offer energy efficiency, portability, and safety features, making them ideal for personalized heating in individual rooms. Outdoor electric heaters provide instant heat, versatility, and environmental friendliness, enabling you to enjoy outdoor areas throughout the year.

Remember to consider factors such as heating capacity, safety features, energy efficiency, and overall quality when selecting electric heaters. By choosing the right electric heater for your specific needs, you can stay warm, cozy, and comfortable no matter the weather.

So, when the cold sets in or you’re yearning for some extra warmth, consider electric heaters from Vacker as your reliable heating solution.

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