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Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial dehumidifiers are usually larger as they cater too much heavy duty areas that contain machinery. The moisture levels in the air need to be closely monitored as the machineries require that certain level of the operating environment and if the environment is not maintained this may lead to the failure of the machinery.

They are mostly used in water treatment plants, disaster management systems, storage and shipping facilities. The specifications to remove the moisture and the dehumidification process is not as simple as the one you will see for home dehumidifiers and hence installing them turn out to be complex.

These are used in industries such as printing to ensure the moisture content of the papers are maintained to achieve product quality and optimum performance of the printing equipment. In grinding industries, this is required as the moisture leads to abrasive characteristics of the machinery and they lead to rust and metal particles forming residual in the output.

Industrial Dehumidifier TTK350S VackerGlobal

Industrial Dehumidifier TTK350S

Another industry where the dehumidifiers are most in use is the food processing industry as the food processing requires a certain level of humidity and moisture content in the environment and controlling them using dehumidifiers avoid the cause of coagulation of packaging at high dew points.

Types of Industrial dehumidifiers

Both desiccant type and condensation type dehumidifiers are used for industrial applications. The units of bigger capacities are used for these purposes. The condensation type industrial dehumidifiers will convert moisture into water and will be drained out. The desiccant type will separate wet and dry air using adsorption method. The wet air will be thrown out of the room, thus reducing the humidity of the room.

In order to calculate the required capacity of industrial dehumidifier, you may use our dehumidification capacity calculation.

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Construction Dryer

Construction dryers are used to reduce humidity in construction sites. These are heavy duty machines suitable for continuous operation. Construction dryers are commonly used in high humid countries for construction sites. The workers will get dehydrated under such conditions.

Hence, it is ideal to use a construction dryer so that humidity can be maintained. The main difference from industrial dehumidifiers is that this may not require hygrostats. The hygrostat is used to adjust the desired humidity. In a construction site, this may not be relevant, since it is an open area and humidity needs to be continuously reduced.

Industrial Dehumidifier & construction dryer model TTK350S

This is a medium range of industrial dehumidifier, which can be used for factories, warehouses, storage areas, construction sites etc. Also, this can be used as a construction dryer. The details of this unit are briefly given below.

  • Dehumidification performance at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 liter per day.
  • Maximum dehumidification performance is 70 liter per day.
  • Maximum air volume is 1,000 cubic meter per hour.
  • The unit can operate within a temperature range of 5° to 32°C
  • The unit can operate within a Humidity range of 32% to 100%.
  • The unit operates at 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz.
  • The Compressor is Reciprocating piston compressor and the cooling agent is R-407C.
  • It has a water tank capacity of 6 liters. Also, it can be connected directly to drainage.
  • The sound level at 1 meter is 54 dB.
  • Dimensions of the unit without packing is 575mm (L) x 520 mm (W) x 965 mm (H).
  • Weight of the machine without packing is 44 kg.
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