Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

A Carbon Monoxide Monitoring is a device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide monitoring (CO monitoring) is very important for closed areas. In many countries, it is mandatory to install CO monitoring for closed or partially closed parking areas. This is extremely important for basement parking. Also, generator rooms should have CO monitoring systems.

The necessity of CO Monitoring systems for Basement parkingCarbon-Monoxide-Sensor-VackerGlobal

In a basement, there will not be sufficient natural air circulation. The cars produce a small amount of Carbon Monoxide when the engine is ON. This means that in a basement parking lot, a substantial amount of Carbon Monoxide will be produced. If the ventilation is not proper the concentration of CO in the basement will increase.

In order to prevent a hazardous condition, it is necessary to install a continuous CO monitoring system

CO Monitoring system with Exhaust fan controlled by PLC & VFD

For a basement system, an ideal monitoring system should consist of the following.

  1. A set of Carbon Monoxide sensors is to be installed in various places around the parking lot.Carbon-Monoxide-monitoring-control-panel
  2. An exhaust fan should operate immediately if the measured value of CO increases beyond recommended levels.
  3. Depending on the measured level, the speed of the Fan should vary. This is achieved through a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
  4. A PLC control panel consisting of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) takes all inputs from the CO sensors. Based on these inputs, it will give an output signal to control the VFD and the exhaust fan. Please see more on PLC Automation.
  5. An audible alert can be provided optionally. If the measured value of the CO increases beyond a certain value, it can generate an audible alert.

The CO sensor needs to be periodically calibrated. We also have a self-calibrating type of sensor which might suit your requirement. The complete area is divided into multiple zones based on the number of exhaust fans you have. Each zone will need a separate control system. If a particular zone has a high content of Carbon Monoxide, those particular exhaust fans will be activated and so on. Hence in order to decide the number of zones, we will require your layout drawing indicating the exhaust fans.

Carbon Monoxide CO sensors by Greystone (model CMD)

We supply CMD series of Carbon monoxide sensors (CO sensors) manufactured by Greystone. The major features of these models are listed below:

  1. Based on your requirement, different models are available for installation on walls or ducts.
  2. Setup & calibration is completely menu-driven.Greystone-duct-carbon-monoxide-sensors-Vacker
  3. There are different selectable ranges available viz. 0-100, 150, 300, 400 or 500 ppm.
  4. It is possible to replace the electrochemical sensing element.
  5. Contact relays are optionally available with field adjustable trip points. You can use these relays to activate exhaust fans through VFD or for activating an alarm, phone call etc.
  6. We can provide BACnet or Modbus communication features as optional add-ons based on your requirements.
  7. Different models are available with either AC or DC sources.
  8. There are 3 different field adjustable analogue output signals.
  9. You can easily calibrate these CO sensors in the field

We are the authorised distributor for Greystone CO sensors.

Basement parking ventilation system with exhaust fan connected to CO sensors

A proper ventilation system is required for basement car parking to eliminate Carbon Monoxide. As explained previously, all the exhaust fans are centrally controlled. The central control will be through a PLC-based control panel. The panel will continuously monitor the level of Carbon Monoxide and process the signals. A set of VFD panels controls the speed of the exhaust system.

Product Description of Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor

  1. Brief Title of the device: Carbon Monoxide sensor for checking the level of CO in offices, homes, basements, car parking areas, factories etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device:  Carbon Monoxide detection sensor, which generates an alarm in the event of high levels of CO. Also you can connect it to an exhaust fan or ventilation system to reduce CO levels quickly. Also you can connect it to a Building Management system (BMS).
  3. Model number: VAC-CMD5B4000
  4. Brand: Greystone
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1018000013
  7. Price (AED): 980.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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Please see more information on Carbon Monoxide Detection.

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