Water Leak detector

A water leak detector is an electronic device for detecting leaks in pipe networks, warehouses, sewage pipes, basements, offices, homes etc. The water leakage monitoring system includes a sensor cable, monitoring circuitry and an alarm system. The system detects any leaks and alerts the user. Thus the user can take action on time.

If there is a water leakage beyond the permitted level, the system can detect the same. Then it will generate a phone call and SMS alert to 8 operators. It can deliver a voice message once the person attends to his mobile phone. The user can adjust the sensitivity of water detection so that only a real leakage will activate the system.
Water leakage detection is critical in many residential and commercial applications. In case you do not take corrective actions immediately, this may cause irreparable damage. In most cases, the user will need an immediate alert through a phone call, SMS text message, a local siren, etc. A few of the applications of our water leakage monitoring system with alerts are as below.

  1. Water leak detection in server rooms.
  2. Water leakage detection in pump rooms.
  3. Monitoring water seepage in basements.
  4. Water leakage monitoring excess water accumulation in trenches.
  5. Water leak detection below raised floor systems.
  6. Monitoring of excess moisture condensation in data centres and server rooms.
  7. Keeping a watch on any water seepage in control rooms, substations etc.
  8. Water condensation due to high humidity levels.
  9. Leak detection of underground pipelines.
  10. Occurrence of water due to condensation in data centres.
We provide different models of water leak detector to meet the requirement of any of the above applications.


Type of alerts for water leak detection system

We recommend the following alerts in case of the detection of a water leak:

    1. A local siren in the operator’s room, guard room, etc. with at least 100-decibel sounds. This will help them to take immediate action. In case you have multiple rooms with a monitoring system, it is better to have an annunciator panel. This annunciator panel will indicate the exact location or room of the leak.
    2. A phone call alerts a number of operators. We provide phone call alerts for up to 8 operators (We have different systems with optional capabilities. Please discuss your exact requirement while finalizing).
      Our system calls the operators one by one and delivers a voice message. This message will tell the location and type of alert.
      If nobody picks up the call, the system will repeat the whole sequence once again. It is possible to program the above system to receive only SMS alerts for a few of the operators and voice calls for all the others. It can call international numbers also.
    3. An SMS alert indicating the exact location and nature of the alert. All the operators can receive voice calls as well as SMS messages.
    4. An email message to any number of people indicating the alert time, location, etc. This helps basically to record the event. An email alert is not for attending to the problem immediately. As this might be an emergency you will require immediate alerts such as local sirens and phone calls explained above.
All the above systems are customizable as per the customer’s requirements and few of them are optional. Please contact us  to discuss your exact requirements.

Automatic pipe shut off on leak detection

We can provide an electric valve to shut off the water supply in the relevant area. If the system detects a water leak it can close the valve nearest to the location of the leak. Simultaneously it can generate a phone call or SMS alert as well. This system can be especially useful if it is a highly critical area. It can save you from a huge amount of losses in damages.

This system is an optional function added to our water leak alert system. The electrical shut-off valve will take one signal from the detection system. If it detects a leak for a certain duration, it will give a command to close the valve. You may not need to close the valve in case of a small water leak. In order to prevent such a situation, the system will operate only if the water leak persists for a duration. This duration is programmable such as 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.

In case you require it, we can provide a system for you to remotely operate the valve. You can remotely switch off the valve in case you get an alert on the phone call regarding a water leak. Also, the switching off can be automatic and you can switch on the system remotely once you are confident that the problem has been resolved.
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Components of a water leak detection system (WLDS)

The major components of a water leakage monitoring system consist of the following.

  1. A water detector sensor cable. This is a water leak sensor cable having a thin layer of bare conductors on the outside of the cable. In case this conductor comes in touch with water, the electrical resistance reduces. Based on the size of the room, or the size of the area to monitor the user can select the length of the cable.
  2. A water leakage monitoring control circuit connected to a normal AC or DC power supply. We connect a water detector sensor cable to this control device. This device continuously checks the resistance of the cable. If the resistance reduces, it understands the presence of water and sends output signals.
  3. A water leakage alert system (WLDS) definitely consists of a method to alert the user. For this purpose, there is a SIM card-based phone call and SMS alert device. When the system receives an output signal from the control circuit, it makes phone calls to 10 operators and delivers an SMS message. Upon attending the phone call, the listener will receive a custom recorded message. This message will indicate the type and location of the fault.
    Also, the SMS will indicate the type and location of the alert.
    As an example, we will consider water leak detection in a pump room. We lay the leak detector cable on the floor on the edges of the wall. In the case of water leakage, the voice message will be ‘there is water leakage in pump room 2’. The format of the SMS message will be ‘water Pump room2’. (There is a limitation in the number of characters for the SMS message. Hence the SMS message will be short and sweet)
  4. A siren or beep system alerts local operators. The control device has an inbuilt alarm that is audible for nearby operators. Also, we can connect a local siren to a nearby control room, security room, etc.

Plug  & Play water leak monitoring system with alert model no. VAC – 82L

This is our simple to install, plug-and-play type solution for water leakage monitoring for any type of application. It has water leakage sensor cables with a small control circuit. The WLDS system can sense even a small amount of water deposits. The main features of this water leakage alert system are as below.


Water leakage detectors with phone alert

  1. Different lengths of water leak sensor cables are available such as 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, etc. to suit your requirements.
  2. The customer can adjust the sensitivity of the water leak detector to suit his requirements.
  3. The device has a loud inbuilt beeper, which produces an alert of almost 80 decibels.
  4. The water leak alert device has an optional system to generate phone calls and SMS text alerts to 10 operators.
  5. If the client requires a separate alarm, we can provide the same through extended wiring.
  6. The user can install the device without any assistance. The complete device is supplied as an assembled kit and the client can simply lay the cables and it starts working.
  7. The user has to simply insert the SIM card and connect to the power. It starts working. (Please specify this model while ordering)

Water leak detector for swimming pools

Water leakage under swimming pools is a very common problem. Once the leak starts it is very difficult and expensive to control the leakage. It is also difficult to locate the water leak. You can use our leak detector LD 6000 to locate the leak. The leak alert system explained above serves another purpose.
We can provide water leak sensors under the swimming pools during the construction stage. In the case of any water leak, the exact location will be detected by this system. This will save huge efforts in future in case of a water leak. As soon as a leak starts, the system can give an alert even before the leakage is visible.

Water leak detection under raised floors in the Data centre

In data centres, water leak due to condensation is a huge challenge. Our solution for the same is as below:

  1. Lay water sensor cables in a grid fashion under the raised floor.
  2. Connect the sensors to our water leak Detection panel.
  3. Adjust the sensitivity of the cable so that it doesn’t give an alert for mild humidity.
  4. Connect our Phone call and SMS alert system to the control panel. This will give phone calls to 8 operators in the event of a leak.
  5. Connect the signals to the local BMS or network monitoring system.

How to select Water Leakage Detection System?

Well, the water leak detection system is very important to protect you from the loss of both energy and money. Choosing an inappropriate kind of water leakage system can cause irreparable damage.


Water leakage detector sensor cables

VackerGlobal brings you a wide range of water leak detection systems that will suit you and your properties. While selecting a water leak detection system you should know the kind of property you want to install the water leak detection system.

If you need to have a water leak detection system in small tight places then you need to choose a small-sized water leak detection system. For such places, it is preferable to have a wireless water leakage detection system. For open places, you may require a wired water leakage detection system with a longer sensor cable.

Another thing to look out for in a water leak detection system is the battery life of the system. The longer the battery life of a system the better it is. Because of the short battery life, it can become quite annoying to keep on changing the battery of the system every now and then.

Customers also need to check out if the water leakage system has got an alarm system for low battery charge prior to the end of the life of the battery. The alarm system for battery life-ending helps the customers to be ready. We highly recommend a direct power connection system with battery backup. It should give an alert in case of a power failure.

While choosing a water leakage detecting system one should consider the environment of the place the system is to be installed. For example, if you require a water leakage detection system for cold storage then you should buy the models that can really work in low temperatures. Or if you are looking to install the system in a hot and humid environment then a water leakage detection system that can operate in such conditions should be installed.

You also need to make sure that the alarm system available in the system is suitable for your operational needs. It is suggested to have a water leakage detection system with multiple alarm systems. The cable length of the system should also be a deciding parameter.

Please make sure that the cable length of the system is of the appropriate length. Choosing the cable length for the water leak detection system can be quite tricky, Hence the application and circumstance of the system should be brought into consideration. Sometimes you may require additional cable length for places that can be considered trouble areas. These places may be chiller lines, drains, etc.

We at VackerGlobal, provide you with all the necessary information and expert advice that will help you choose the right kind of water leak detection system. We are the most trustworthy and reliable supplier of all kinds of monitoring and automation products and services in the Middle East and African region. All of our products comply with international standards for monitoring systems.

A separate independent phone call and SMS system for the water leakage detection system.

The water leak detection system is very important for both industrial and residential use. Especially for industries knowing the leakage as soon as it happens is very important for preventing a huge loss.

Thus the alarm system of a water leak detection system is one of the key factors that determine its effectiveness of the water leakage detection system. A separate independent alarm system for the water leakage detection system becomes very important in increasing the effectiveness of the system.

VackerGlobal brings a water leakage detection system that can be installed with a separate independent phone call and SMS system for water leakage because phone call and SMS systems are the best alarm system in today’s world.
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Due to this independent phone call and SMS system, the leakage can be monitored even from a remote place. The phone call and SMS alarm system help to alert the user as soon as the leakage occurs and to address the problem as soon as possible to minimize the potential damage.

Even if you are away from the place and cannot really reach the location to sort out the problem you can tell others or hire a professional to stop the leakage. This independent alert system helps you to ensure that the safety of your property has been monitored all the time.

The independent alarm phone call and alarm system use a certain method to alert the user which makes it the most effective system of alerting the user. The system uses a SIM card-based device which is capable of sending signals to various operators at a time. Our alert system is capable of sending an alert message to 10 operators at a time.

The system is also capable of sending a recorded message of water leak detection via phone call. In fact, the SMS system is capable of alerting the operator of the type of leakage as well as the location of the leakage. The same type of information will also be delivered in the recorded voice message.

Along with the independent alert system, the system will also possess a normal siren or beep alarm system that can alert the people nearby the system.

VackerGlobal is the most trustworthy supplier of all kinds of automation and monitoring services and products. Most of our products come with a two-year warranty as they all are manufactured according to international standards.

Advantages of Water Leakage Detection System

There are various types of water leak detection systems available and every type of water leak detection system has its own


Water leakage detection sensors

importance. Generally, this system helps to reduce the loss of water through leakage which can save a huge amount of money and energy for the user. The detection system also helps to avoid the loss of property that can be caused due to leakage of water. As we all know leakage of water can damage various kinds of electrical devices as well as other properties. Water leakage can also cause lots of structural damage to buildings.

Spot leak detectors are generally installed in places like floor drains, drip pans, etc. In such areas, the flow of the water is generally in narrow areas. These spot leak detectors are not appropriate for wide areas as they are not capable of monitoring the wide flow of water. They are generally economical to install but their range of detection is quite limited.

Quite similar to the spot leak detectors are the under-carpet leak detectors. These detectors also have a limited range of detection capability and are used in leak detection under the carpet as the name suggests.

Hydroscopic tape-based water detector is a different system from the above-mentioned system as the detector not only detects the leakage but also fastens tapes around the place of water leakage. These types of water detectors are highly useful in areas that are highly sensitive to moisture. Sometimes due to the very sensitive nature of the detector, a false alarm can get triggered due to condensation.

For the detection of wide and open areas different type of detectors having rope-style sensors is suitable. These types of detectors can monitor large areas for water leakage. These water leakage detecting systems contain two types of sensing wires. These wires can be found in various lengths with different flexibility.

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Hence, it is very important for the users to know the kind of detection system they require for effective detection. VackerGlobal provides customers with free inspection service (this service is limited to certain cities. Please contact us to know more) of their property. Upon inspection, we provide them with valuable expert advice to determine the kind of water leak detection system to be installed.

Introducing the portable LD6000 leak detector

This is the ideal solution for utility companies and crafts within this industry. Users benefit from having a universally applicable instrument of measuring. This instrument ensures fast and precise leakage detection in a broad supply of networks. Its hydrogen method of measuring enables it to give you the most economical methods of measuring and testing weld seams, tanks, pump bodies, pressure lines, boilers, and valves.

No matter if your concern is leak encircling, pinpoint location, or routing, the advanced LD6000 leak detector with its high-quality German-manufactured microphones give you the power to signal process, capture, and display even the smallest leakage sounds.

With the handheld LD6000 detector, you have a whole plethora of uses for analyzing water loss. The acoustic pinpoint location along with its extremely sensitive ground microphones can trace gas leaks within drinking water systems, nail down route detection on the non-metallic and metallic pipeline, and test the tightness of seals and pipe connections. It comes with a very comprehensive list of equipment accessories such as its ground, palpation probe, and contact microphones, which makes it a universal solution in the area of leak detection.

The LD600 is so innovative that it is setting new standards in the area of leak detection.

This portable leak detector gives you the following benefits

  1. Trace Gas Detection
  2. Long-Term Measurement/Logging Function
  3. Pipework Location
  4. Acoustic Pinpoint Location
  5. Water leak detection

All the above-mentioned benefits are available on a single device! This is the world’s very first combi leakage detector specifically designed to give you a way of detecting leaks by using trace gas and acoustics.

Acoustic Pipe Line Leak Detection and Leak Detection

No matter if you need this tool for narrowing down your search, pinpointing a leak, or layout pipes, with its highly sophisticated microphones that carry all the hallmarks of German-made products, you can determine the teeniest-tiniest of leaks and have the signal displayed before it’s processed.

More Benefitsld6000-leak-detector-vacker
  1. High-Resolution Color Graphics Display and Touchscreen Functions
  2. Numerous Pre-programmed Applications with Quick Access
  3. You Can Configure All Parameters and Filters Individually
  4. Pipe Detection Mode
  5. Trace and Acoustic Gas Leak Detection All-on-One Device
  6. State-of-the-Art Smart Functionality for Faster Pinpoint Leak Detection
  7. A Highly Robust, Highly-Sensitive German Made Microphone

It complies with all the guidelines laid out according to the following parameters.

  • VBG-21 (if using original headphones)
  • VBG – (trade association safety regs)

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Underground Pipeline leak detection monitoring with location identification

For critical underground pipelines, you may need a continuous monitoring system for water leakage. Also, it is possible that there will be electric cables or data cables passing adjacent to a water line. In such a case, it is important to monitor the water leakage of these underground pipelines.

The system consists of sensor cables running alongside the pipeline. There will be one or more control panels depending on the length of the pipes. The sensor cable will keep on monitoring the leak. In case of a leak, it can display the location of the leak on a control screen. Simultaneously it can also generate a phone call or SMS alerts.

We can adjust the sensitivity of the detection sensor cable so that it will not detect minor events of moisture. This will prevent it from generating false alerts. Optionally we can also provide a time delay. The system can record the events of water leaks across the whole length of the underground pipes.

Acoustic, Ultrasound, Sonic or Sonar Leak detection system

The terms Acoustic, Ultrasound, Sonic, and Sonar mean the same thing. There is no difference in operational technology and all of them refer to the same technology. Our model LD 6000 uses all these techniques for the detection of leakages.

Water leakage detection under the swimming pools

Once a water leakage starts under a swimming pool, it is extremely difficult to locate the exact spot. Our water leak detector LD 6000 helps to a certain extent to locate such water leaks. This test does not need the breaking of concrete around the swimming pool. The test is using acoustic waves and hence noisy surroundings will not give accurate results. The basic principle is that when a leak occurs, there will be a slight sound generated. The leak detector will detect any variations in sounds and will pinpoint the location.

Technical Data of LD 6000

The LD6000 Operating Mode:

Acoustic Gas and Acoustic Leak Detection (F & L, Long-term Measuring, Smart)

Measuring & Device Functions:

Measuring modes for the min. sound levels, pulse wave measurements, memory preference for manual fine adjustments, simultaneous F& L analysis, trace gas detection (concentration-dependent signal both optic and acoustic), and logging function.


Keys, Touchscreen, or Control Dial.


120 dB low-noise factor.


You can figure up to 256 individually (stick sensor & ground microphone.

How to Operate the LD6000 leak detector

To begin the measurement procedure you press the ‘record’ button. Keep that button pressed down for the duration of your measuring operation. The LD6000 will stop measuring whenever your ‘record’ button is not depressed any longer.

The display of the leak detector shows a measurement series that’s made up of its last 10 individual measurements. The 1st measurement will be displayed in position #1 and they will continue in an ascending direction until #10 is reached. Upon reaching position #10 the #1 position will be cleared. This way your last measurement will always be in the #10 position.

The Double Bar

You can view the following information with the double bar while in ‘smart mode’.

The Right-Hand bar (thin bar) reveals the sound amplitude. It does this on a sound-level scale that goes from 0 to 100. Then the grey bar reveals the minimum measured value (quietest relevant sound for detecting the leak). That value will also be displayed as a number just below the bar in the leak detector.

Infrared Leak detector camera with a cable

This is a system consisting of a probe camera and a monitor. The long probe will have a small camera fitted at the end of it. The other end of the cable is connected to a monitor. An operator will be sitting in front of the monitor and will be inserting the cable into the location to be inspected. He can see the patch all along with the movement of the probe and can visually inspect the leak. Please see our separate page on a leak detector camera with a probe.

In case you already have a problem with a water leak, you may have a look at our dehumidifiers for drying and restoration of a water leak and flood damage.

Product Description of Water Leak Detector

  1. Brief Title of the device: Water leak detector to detect leakage in pipe networks, underground pipes etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Ultrasound-based water leak detector for detecting leakage in pipe networks, sewage pipes, underground pipes, tunnels etc.
  3. Model number: VAC-LD6000
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1012000006
  7. Price (USD): 4,100.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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Please verify the technical and commercial details with our sales team before purchasing.

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