Videoscopes and Boroscopes


Videoscopes and boroscopes are a device used to detect inaccessible points for maintenance purposes. Basically, it will have a camera with a long inspection probe. The probe will be inserted into ducts, manholes, ceilings, etc. and the view at the end of the probe can be seen in the camera.

Video Inspector & Boroscope model BO21

The BO21 is a useful tool for making fast endoscopic visual inspections in areas or hollows that have poor access. This video inspector is universally applicable for a variety of uses.

Boroscope BO21 VackerGlobal

Boroscope BO21

A waterproof color camera with adjustable illumination comes with a bendable gooseneck probe integrated in the tip. The BO21 is easy-to-handle with powerful quad LED illumination that provides inspection images that are illuminated with the perfect amount of light for every situation. Excellent brilliance can be seen each time on the color LCD display.

During visual inspection, the results can be seen on an external display using the video output. Inspection views can be seen in an almost upright position, even in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the 180 image rotation function.

Here are a few features of boroscope BO21

  1. Robust boroscope probe with waterproof camera head (IP67 type of protection) and fixed-focus lens.
  2. Always ready for use. Just switch it on to get started immediately.
  3. 180 degree image rotation function is available.
  4. Quad LED high illumination with dimmer makes it easy for viewing.
  5. Mobile battery supply for portable operation.
  6. Inherently stable yet bendable probe for easy flexibility.
  7. Hook, magnet, side-view mirror attachment are included.
  8. Auto switch off function for energy saving.

    Boroscope Inspection Probes VackerGlobal

    Boroscope Inspection Probes

  9. Various styles of changeable probes available as an optional accessory.
  10. Optimum price-performance ratio compared to all similar models of other manufacturers.

Industrial Videoscope VSC206

Telling a story each time through pictures when it comes to indirect visual inspections, the VSC206, can be easily controlled using a joystick and it is bendable on all sides.It also provides simple access to the test object.

The VSC206 also comes with a titanium-coated camera head that provides excellent panoramic views of the inspection area. It is made of multi-ply construction, PU and steel wire mesh,

Videoscope vsc206 VackerGlobal

Videoscope vsc206

on a flexible steel spiral that provides two benefits: high torsional strength of the push probe and maximum range of motion during the inspection.

With a powerful multiple LED light source that comes with variable brightness control and a brilliant VGA display, you get exactly the sharp detailed images you need every time. Complete videos and individual images can be stored on an SD card easily. The ABS housing withstands damage and harsh conditions such as exposure to dust or splashing water.

The VSC206 is a robust, compact system that is hand-held, light, easy-to-use, and uses the latest in LED lighting technology. Record videos and photos in outstanding image quality with a fast USB connection and easy handling.

Technical details of model VSC206

Major technical details of this videoscope are given below.

  1. Type of lightning is by 6 white LEDs having Image temperature 5,000 to 6,5000 K.
  2. Luminosity of the model is 40,000 Lux.
  3. Brightness control is manually adjustable by the user.
  4. LCD-display is 3.5 inch TFT type LCD of size 640 x 480 px – VGA.
  5. Joystick-control is possible for Probe articulation, menu access and navigation.
  6. Buttons are available for access to user functions, Illumination, video and fixation of the camera head.
  7. It has interfaces for USB and analog video in PAL/NTSC formats.

    Videoscope vsc206 operation VackerGlobal

    Videoscope vsc206 operation

  8. It has a removable storage SD memory card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB
  9. The images are stored in JPEG format and videos are stored in AVI format.
  10. Power supply is using 4 nos. of LR6 AAA, 1.5 V batteries or through a power adaptor.
  11. The probe dimension is 2 meter length and diameter of 6 mm.
  12. The probe has a ingress protection category of IP67 which means that it is water resistant at 1 meter for 30 min. Also the probe is oil resistant.
  13. The camera head of the probe is Stainless steel with titanium coating.
  14. It can operate under the ambient temperature condition from -10 °C to +50 °C and upto 90%RH.

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