Phone call alert with recorded voice and SMS

We can provide an alert system for any fault such as power failure,GSM Based Monitoring System VackerGlobal Dubai high temperature, low temperature, water leakage, flood alert, movement of people, intrusion, unauthorized entry etc. It consists of two separate components.
The first one is a sensor for detecting the fault. The second component is a dialer with a SIM card, which will generate the alerts.

Phone call fault alert with custom-recorded voice

When a fault occurs, it will give a signal to the dialer. The dialer then starts calling 8 operators one by one. When the first operator attends the call, he will hear a custom-recorded voice message. You can record your own custom message such as ‘There is a water leakage in the server room at Dubai’. The system has different modes of operation. Regarding the types of alerts, we can program various sequences. A few examples are given below:

  1. The system calls the first person and he attends. He hears the voice message and presses a certain button on the mobile to acknowledge the call. Then the remaining 7 persons will not receive the phone call. However, all 8 operators will receive SMS messages.
  2. The system calls the first person and he attends. He hears the voice message and hangs up the phone. Then the system calls the second person and delivers the message. This will continue for all 8 people. All 8 operators will receive SMS messages.
  3. The system calls all 8 people once and delivers the voice calls and then stops making further calls.
  4. The system calls all 8 people and if nobody attends the call, the system will start making the calls once again. This will continue until one of them picks up the call.
  5. The system makes voice calls to 4 people and sends SMS to the remaining 4 people.
  6. The system sends only SMS messages to all the people.
  7. The system makes alerts after a certain delay eg. 5 minutes to all the people.

Simple to install dialer system

We program the device before delivery and hence any normal technician can install the system. The technician has to insert the SIM card. Then he has to program the numbers of operators by sending an SMS to the system. It is possible to make one operator an authorized person. He can make changes to the programming by sending SMS. He can also deactivate the system by sending another SMS. Suppose you are doing certain maintenance by switching off the power, you don’t want to receive alerts. In such a case, you can deactivate the system and reactivate it later on.

Method of operation of voice call alert system

The system operates just like a mobile phone. Also, it has a battery backup. We can record customized voice statements indicating the type of alert, location etc. One device can take inputs from 4 separate alerts. Eg. One device can take the input of water leaks, smoke detection, fire and high humidity. Similarly, we can combine different combinations of alerts in a single system. Each alert can have different voice messages and different operators. Eg. For alert 1, certain operators will receive an alert and for alert 2, another set of 8 operators will receive alerts and so on.

Solar-powered phone call alert for remote areas

For very remote areas without a power supply, we can provide solar-powered alert systems. We can monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, water leak etc. and generate alerts. We will supply solar cells along with necessary panels and batteries. These units will supply power for the alert system. In case an alert condition happens, the system will generate phone calls and SMS alerts.

Optional local siren

We can also provide a local siren system to alert local operators in case of a fault. It is also possible to install a siren or an audible alarm in a distant place such as a guard room.

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