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Motion Sensors

Motion sensors also known as motion detectors, have become an integral part of security systems installed in residential, commercial, and public buildings. As their name suggests, they work by sensing motion and therefore play a big role in securing a property.
A motion sensor is simply a device that monitors and detects moving objects within its effective range and then performs a specified function such as switching electrical circuits or setting off an alarm. Such a detector could also trigger a security camera to start recording an intrusion attempt or alert law enforcement officers about a break-in. In other words, a motion detector registers change in its field of view environment. This change could be a disturbance of radio waves, ultrasonic sound waves, motion sensor light, or detecting an increase in infrared energy. Motions sensors can use one or multiple technologies to detect any movement in its range of vision
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Data Loggers

A data logger is a machine equipped with a sensor, an electronic chip, and internal memory designed to record data at regular intervals for detailed analysis in the future. The sensor measures the physical phenomena or the source of data. The data collected by the sensor is converted into electronic signals by the chip, which then proceeds to store the information in its internal memory. A data interface mechanism allows the logged data to be accessed for analysis and interpretation.
A data logger is a versatile device that can be used for a wide range of reasons. From assessing the amount of sunlight or rain received by a city or region to the average temperature of the cold storage vehicle throughout its journey across the country—a data logger facilitates automatic collection of data at periodic intervals without any reliability or performance issues. Two commonly-used data loggers are devices that measure and log temperature and humidity.
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Just like an air conditioner conditions the air temperature in a room, a dehumidifier controls the humidity in the air in the rooms and closed spaces. It in fact reduces the humidity level present in the air, thus maintaining a healthy environment and eliminating damp odor. A dehumidifier works by extracting water from the air, thus keeping the air dry around its environment. The fan in the dehumidifier collects air from its environment and sucks it in. The air is condensed to extract the moisture from it and this moisture is collected into the reservoir. Once the moisture is removed from the condensed air, the dehumidifier exhausts it back in to the room, thus making the air dry.
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