Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are for measuring the percentage of water on the surface of concrete, wood, metals, etc. We are supplying various types of normal and professional moisture meters.

Moisture indicator type BM31

One can easily and quickly detect in different materials near-surface moisture using our electronic moisture indicator BM31. This can be used as a wood moisture meter, concrete moisture meter, etc.

Moisture Indicatorv BM31 Screen VackerGlobal

Moisture Indicator BM31 Screen

Also, it is possible to measure moisture distributions in ceilings, floors, and walls.

Moisture indication takes place in a totally non-destructive manner, due to the dielectric measurement method. No probes or electrodes need to be inserted into the material for measuring the moisture meter.

No delays are involved with the use of the moisture indicator model BM31, it works immediately. With fast response times, it helps the professional to check the moisture immediately. Helpful additional information is shown at just the push of a button. These values include current real-time measured values, and minimum and maximum values. The back-lit display is easily readable even during daylight. In addition, via the hold function, the momentarily measured value can be recorded.

Moisture Indicator BM31 VackerGlobal

Moisture Indicator BM31 VackerGlobal

The BM31 moisture indicator is not limited to only indicating various material moisture values that are on the surface. But in fact, it is particularly suited for the building materials’ readiness preliminary check for covering for CM measurements. The user can use the same meter as wood moisture meter, concrete moisture meter, cement moisture meter etc.

Major features of Moisture meter BM31

A few of the major functions of the moisture indicator model BM31 are listed below.

  1. An automatic switch-off feature is available on the moisture indicator for energy saving.
  2. An illuminated display makes it easy for viewing the readings.
  3. This is an economic model with an optimum price-to-performance ratio.
  4. Ready for immediate use just by turning it on without any time delay.
  5. Automatic testing of batteries and functions is possible with this moisture indicator meter.
  6. Minimum or maximum value and hold function features are available on the control buttons.
  7. It has a non-destructive and quick indication of moisture distributions in near-surface areas.

Material moisture measuring meter model T660

For the rapid, nondestructive determination of moisture distributions, this is a professional type hand-held moisture meter. It works in near-surface areas to about 4 cm.

Moisture Meter Touchscreen Panel VackerGlobal

Moisture Meter Touchscreen Panel

The measurement results (indicative), based on the T660’s integrated material pre-selection function can be seen precisely in CM% or mass% on the moisture meter T660’s colour display. Measurement is possible for cementitious screed and anhydrite.

This moisture meter has a practical tool for the integrated conversion of measured values. This helps, in particular, to quickly check the readiness for covering floor layers. This moisture meter also can be used as a wood moisture meter, concrete moisture meter, cement moisture meter, etc.

According to the dielectric measurement method(indicative), the T660 is also suited for moisture measurements of non-destructive wood. Also, we can use it to check the building materials’ readiness and preliminary check for covering for CM measurements.

The T660, even in bright sunlight, ensures high-contrast presentation. It comes equipped with special display glass. It makes it easy to check the moisture distribution and quick detection in floor or wall areas along with the real-time, large-digit display.

It is Time saving and handy professional model. You can indicate a separate limit value in the T660’s settings prior to measuring. While measuring, if the value is above the limits it generates an audible warning signal.

Material Moisture Measuring Device T660 VackerGlobal

Material Moisture Measuring Device T660

This way, it can effectively and quickly measure large floor and wall areas. While measuring you may focus on the measuring object, without needing to keep an eye permanently on the displayed measuring results.

Major features of Moisture meter T660

A few of the major features of the device are listed below.

  1. Our standard measurement data management software can connect via a USB grid measurement function with an active software connection.
  2. Direct display of measured values possible in CM % or mass %
  3. Material pre-selection for cementitious screed and anhydrite.
  4. The moisture alarm function is available for programmable values.
  5. This model of the moisture meter is suitable for the non-destructive and quick determination of near-surface moisture distributions to up to 4 cm.

    Moisture Meter T660 VackerGlobal

    Moisture Meter T660

  6. Suitable for simultaneous indication of two measured values, high-resolution colour display.
  7. It is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen control panel.
  8. Glass surface that is easily cleanable, and is clearly readable even during the bright sun, made of highly scratch-resistant special glass material.
  9. In robust, premium two-component construction, German industrial design with an IP54 type of protection.
  10. This moisture meter is manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards.

Also, this model is ideal for measuring the material moisture measuring, for combined building diagnostics measurements.

The device comes with standard software. You can connect the meter through a USB connection. This provides an easy function for grid measurement creation.

Product Description of Moisture Meter

  1. Brief Title of the device: Moisture meter for measuring the percentage of water on the surface of concrete, wood, metals, etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device:  Moisture meter model VAC-BM31 for measuring the percentage of water on the surface of concrete, wood, metals, etc.
  3. Model number: VAC-BM31
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1010000077
  7. Price (AED): 750.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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