Clean Room Monitoring


Clean Room Monitoring system

Clean rooms are required for various manufacturing, life care and research applications. As the name indicates, the clean rooms are having extremely clean air. Parameters such as air particles, dust, the composition of air, mould particles in the air, microbes etc. are controlled to meet the required levels. Also, temperature and humidity will be at controlled levels. Ex. in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, we require clean rooms to manufacture medicines. There should not be any particles contaminating the medicines during the manufacture. We regulate the air pressure also so that air particles do not enter the room from outside.

Type of clean rooms

Various industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing etc. require clean rooms. The standards of cleanliness are defined by Cleanroom Standards ISO 14644-1 and BS 5295. Few of the examples of classification are as below:cleanroom-monitoring-system-with-alert-VackerGlobal

  1. Class ISO 1 permits maximum 10 particles of size less than or equal to 0.1 µm per cubic meter.
  2. Class ISO 2 permits maximum 100 particles of size less than or equal to 0.1 µm per cubic meter.
  3. Class ISO 3 permits maximum 1000 particles of size less than or equal to 0.1 µm per cubic meter.
  4. Class ISO 4 permits maximum 10000 particles of size less than or equal to 0.1 µm per cubic meter.
  5. Class ISO 5 permits maximum 100000 particles of size less than or equal to 0.1 µm per cubic meter.

Clean room monitoring systems

A typical clean room monitoring systems consist of most of the following systems. Based on your specific requirement, you can select the desired parameters

  1. Airborne particle counters


    Modular cleanroom particle monitoring

    This is, of course, the most important parameter since a clean room is defined by the number and size of the particles. Airborne particles are measured by sampling the air within the room regularly. This is displayed in ppm as well as the size of the particles.

  2. Liquid and moisture counters

    The liquid particles in the air are also equally important. Hence continuous sampling and counting take place for liquid particles.

  3. Air microbe counters

    Microbes are small organisms found in common air. If left uncontrolled this can form mould and will encourage bacterial growth. The microbe counters are called microbial air samplers.

  4. Chemical vapour monitoringclean-room-monitoring-system-screen

    Chemical vapour monitoring may be important in certain industries, especially in manufacturing plants involving chemical processes. It may not be required to monitor numerous chemical vapours. You can shortlist the possible chemical vapours and install a monitoring system for the same.

  5. Temperature monitoring

    Temperature monitoring is a standard requirement and hence we can easily implement same. We have to place a couple of high accuracy temperature sensors around the clean room for continuous recording and alert.

  6. Aerosol sampling counter

    The aerosol is fine suspended particles in the air. Aerosol counting is not a standard requirement for a clean room. Hence, you can install an aerosol sampling counter based on your requirements.

  7. Humidity monitoring

    Environment monitoring system for clean rooms


    Humidity monitoring is a standard requirement since moisture causes a lot of other adverse factors inside a clean room. Clean room humidity monitoring is simple by a couple of humidity sensors. Normally a dehumidifier removed fresh air before intake. However, it is better to install a clean room humidity monitoring system with an alert.

  8. Differential pressure monitoring

    The clean room will have its own pressure requirements. The air handling system maintains this particular pressure inside the clean room. It is essential to have a pressure monitoring system for such cases.

  9. Real-time environment monitoring for clean rooms

    Environment monitoring is a general term covering most of the above parameters. Essentially temperature and humidity are part of an environment monitoring system.

Automation of cleanroom control and monitoring systems

Our automation team can connect all your control and monitoring systems of a control room into a centralized system. This can be either to your existing Building Management System, subject to review. Alternately, it can be a separate standalone automation system. We can also connect an alert system, which will alert the operators about any excursions. It can generate phone call and SMS alerts in case any of the parameters exceed the permitted levels.
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