Marine Automation


In the current economic world there is a high cost of energy and with the pollution level, environmental regulations are increasing. And also there is a higher demand for large, multi-functional, high performing productive ships. So with these requirements, there is a need for marine automation. VackerGlobal provides full system of automation components as customer’s wish. It can save energy, manpower and will lead to high productivity and efficiency of a shipping line.


When it comes to a ship there are too many factors that a marine has to monitor and control since it is not like driving a normal vehicle. There are aspects of pressure level, temperature range, the position of the ship, voltage, flood control. So all these aspects marine has to monitor while they lead the ship and it’s been a difficult situation in manage all the tasks productively and efficiently with low cost.

In the current fast moving world it becomes necessary for the marine industry to be more efficient, effective, productive and low cost of high technological use. So once all the functions in the ship are automated then it will be easy to handle and monitor the marine.

We offer modern marine automation system and it is an integration of many tasks and functions inside a vessel. Especially aspects like navigation of the ship, power control in auxiliary engines, administration work, and maintenance of the spares. So from that, it will lead to high end and quality service for the ship with higher operational performance.

Marine Automation components we offer


In our automation package we integrate and centralized all the systems and tools which is used to control the ship, monitor the functions, provides alerts to alarm systems and information communication systems.

We do control and monitor all the functions in the ship from small alarm alert system to the remote control system. And also we have a special upgraded system which handles energy in an efficient and effective manner and saves the energy floor.

Our power management system is highly integrated and it covers most of the functions of the marine from basic level to higher level. It includes all the motors, generators, operating panels, engines etc. from our system it manages the aspects in a dynamic and cost-effective manner. We offer specialized efficient emergency shutdown system with advanced features based on the customer demand. Our vibration monitoring systems gives a great benefit to the users and it protects the machinery assets.

Once the ship is fully automated it will give access to use the global spare parts and it will be convenient for you since you will sail from one country to another country in shorter time periods.

Why to select VackerGlobal’s Marine Automation products and services?


  1. Our designs and features will be tailor-made pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical resolutions. We offer our service for any type of vessel regardless of the size of the ship and the purpose of the ship whether it is for business, leisure or military ship.
  2. We do modifications to the ship, conduct installation, system centralization and also system integration as a cost-effective way. First, we ask the customer which design he prefers and whatever equipment customer specifically request we make sure to install the exact machines and technology.
  3. Our machine parts, systems, and components always will be based on customer request and also we offer high-quality durable products.
  4. Once we receive inquiry from customer our engineers will contact him and we will take all the customer requirements and we offer our customised solution for him for a competitive budget and we take the responsibility and handle the work from inquiry receiving to after-sales services.

All you have to do is send enquiry to our VackerGlobal team and we are always ready to help our customers.

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