Fuel leak detection

Safety of lives, assets and the environment is the prime concern of most organizations dealing in petroleum fuels. The regulatory framework around the world is getting continuously stringent. In line with this, prior consideration of possible leaks is a must if you are involved in the handling of production, storage, transportation or refinery of petroleum fuels. This will help you keep your business safe and free from worries.

You cannot afford to think that a slow leakage is a small leakage as it usually results in a large spill if not detected on time. It especially occurs in the event of your detection systems being much inconsiderate to detect leakages below the set percentage of flow or the minimum threshold. Such leakages are discovered at the time somebody notices the smell of flowing fuel or ground level water or underground water becomes adulterated.

The likely source of a leakage can be envisioned in most cases. Ideal locations for a swift-acting fuel examination are a valve pit, a low-lying sump, overfilled storage tanks, etc. Discovering on time that fuel is unexpectedly accumulating in a locality can prove to be the key to avoiding a catastrophe as well as expensive cleaning of the facility.

A Variety of Fuel Leak Detection Systems at your Service

Vacker offers a variety of fuel leak detection systems that are brilliant in exposing a leak before the leak exposes you!

Vacker’s detection systems have all these essential elements:

  1. Probes are able to detect fuel even if a small amount is floating on water or fuel piling in a lower spot, for example, a valve pit, a sump or on a flat surface like a pump pad. These probes respond immediately to even a thin layer of fuel. You can also reset, reuse and even wet-test them if required.
  2. Sensing cables provide timely detection of the leakages whether they are underground or above ground before fuel piles into big spills. The closest meter will get the report on the location of the leakage.
  3. Alarm Panels & Sensor Interface Modules are created to strengthen both the probes and the sensor cables, to observe and control their conditions and to communicate the presence and the position of the leak detected to the supervisor or the system operator.
  4. Robust and reliable, you can place and deploy them even in most hazardous areas. No false alarms will be there. Since the sensors of these systems work basis a physical chemical reaction, so if you get an alarm you simply anticipate there is a leak.

Applications of Fuel Leak Detection Systems

Vacker’s Fuel Leak Detection Systems have varied applications as listed below:

  1. Petrol and diesel stations: Vacker’s system will provide you with the complete peace of mind that you need to focus on your core businesses.
  2. Fuel storage and tank farms: they prove to be your faithful watchdog you can rely most upon.
  3. Refineries: having a reliable all-time guard at your service like our fuel leak detection systems will ensure no contamination would trespass the premises of your facilities.

There’re many other uses and applications like chemical plants, refuelling ports, airfields, pipelines, etc. To know more, your questions are always welcomed.

Vacker’s Services

We have well-developed fuel leak detection systems proving themselves integral for 24*7 monitoring of your facility. Using an ultra-modern design and the advanced technology, these products are integrated to fit any of your requirements. Just say what you need.

Needless to say here that fuel leakages are such a constant issue that take off sleep and peace of the staffs or business owners who are involved in the handling of a massive amount of fuels. Managing a business of fuel and petroleum substances has been sensitive. At times it’s also painful. Moreover, the regulatory frameworks for environment control thrust companies to spend a major part of money and staffers to ensure a hundred percent safety at every step of the businesses. But being safe was never easier before. Thanks to the continuous evolvement of smart sensor technologies which offers us such a unique solution.

Vacker’s leak detectors are worker-friendly. Installing and setting up the devices is much easier and takes less time. We have a multidisciplinary team of leak detection engineers and environmental experts having years of research and development as well as practical experience who will take off all your worries and allow you to focus on your core business. They will ensure your facility is fully protected against any possible leakages.

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