Building Automation & BMS


The main aim of the building automation to make sure the building works competently and proficiently while maintaining the building atmosphere safe and comfortable.

What is building Management System?


BMS monitors and controls main essential items and facilities of the building like temperature level, day and night lighting systems, the power supply of the building, elevator systems, fire alarm systems, HVAC, water supply etc. It is operated by interconnecting the systems with all the devices mainly the dominant hardware and software of the building and checking and controlling systems of a building. In old days the system centralization and control was extremely difficult and complex with messy wire systems. However in the current world with internet and wireless networks, it is more neat and moderate. VackerGlobal team is ready to give you smart solutions for your building management system requirements if you are planning to construct a building or an already constructed. We have customised solutions for all the types of buildings.

What are the benefits of having our building automation system?


Building Management System is mostly used for the purpose of energy consumption management and monitoring of critical parameters. It always controls the temperature range and makes the room atmosphere pleasant for the people who live inside the building. For day to day living expenses, most utility charges will be spent for heating, cooling and lighting systems. So once the essential utility expenses are controlled, then eventually your utility bill will be less. Also, we offer a special system which you can pre-schedule your HVAC systems, which means if you know which timings you are not at home then you can programme your systems to turn off automatically. It customizes the different homerooms power turn on/off timings and then you can use the energy systems in a productive way. So generally from this system, it saves your utility bill spending from 5% – 30%.

Once the energy and water system is managed and controlled through automation system, then it will reduce the negative impact and waste you give to the environment. Then you and your company will help the environment by reducing the pollution level.

If the customer prefers to control the home or company premises through an automation system remotely from some other place then we provide that service also. We provide 24/7 remote access and control to your building or any required place through the internet connection. For example, if one of your workers is coming to the office for work on a holiday, then from your home you can control the systems and make the work environment comfortable for them and you can monitor them remotely.


If a customer requires checking his security cameras while he is at home, we can provide him with that facility. It gives more security to your work premises and also you can control the safety locks from home. We can use an alert system whenever someone tries to open the doors an alert will be received to you in a preferred media. We can customise the features as customers wish.

And the valuable benefit is this system is that it gives a peace of mind for you! Once you can examine the office premises continuously and controls the energy consumption it will give less stress because you know your premises is safe and your utility bill is less.

From this building management system (BMS), your premises will be highly valued because the energy is efficiently and effectively used. Also, your security system is in a high level so it will reduce the risk of employee and other external theft. And all the systems are monitored through advanced technology so in case if there is a probability of water leakage or power breakdown they can check the system recorded details and diagnose the issue before it occurs and you can ask technical help. So it will be a proactive business environment which minimises the unexpected situations.

VackerGlobal has solutions for any of your requirement and if you have any queries, issues or requests you can contact our sales team. We will always offer a customised solution matching with your suggestions for a competitive price which matches the customer budget level.
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