Vibration Data Logger

Vibration data loggers are for measuring shock or vibration. Hence users also call it a shock data logger. This is important to continuously record shock or vibration of sensitive equipment during transportation, operation etc. Vibration is monitored across all 3 axes.


Vibration data logger ms 04005

Vibration data logger model MS-04000

This is a multifunctional data logger, which includes a shock data logger. The major features of this model are as below:

  1. It has a small display screen to indicate the current readings.
  2. This vibration data logger can store 2,000,000 readings.
  3. The data transfer to a PC is through a USB cable.
  4. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, with an external power unit.
  5. It can have internal sensors or external sensor with a cable length up to 1.6 meters.
  6. It is a small vibration data logger weighing less than 230 grams.

Shock data logger model MS-04003

This shock data logger is an extremely small device weighing less than 70 grams. The major features are as below.


Acceleration data logger MS 04003

  1. This battery operated shock data logger can record over 1 billion readings. Hence, this is extremely useful for long term recordings.
  2. The built-in memory is 2,000,000 readings. The user can expand the memory using the SD card.
  3. Data transfer to a computer is through a USB cable.
  4. A three-axis accelerometer measures the shock continuously.
  5. The rechargeable battery can continuously record for approximately three months (This also depends on the operating conditions, sampling interval etc.)
  6. Alternately, an optional recharging station is available for continuous operation.
  7. The same shock data logger can also record temperature, humidity, pressure, lux level/light, analog signals etc.

Acceleration data logger

Both the above models are also used as acceleration data loggers. They can measure 3 Axis acceleration with an accuracy of up to ±0.15 g at +25 °C. The basic model can measure up to ±15 grams of acceleration. These acceleration data loggers can have internal or external sensors. These can be used to record various application involving measurement of acceleration. Examples are racing cars, joy rides, roller coaster, etc.


Shock Data Logger

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Applications of shock data loggers

Few of the applications of vibration data loggers and shock data loggers are as below:

  1. Recording the vibrations in civil structures, buildings, etc.
  2. Recording and vibration of roller coasters to continuously monitor its health. Any variations in the pattern of vibrations will warrant a mechanical inspection.
  3. Measuring vibrations and shocks during transportation of medical equipment such as CT scanner, ENT machine, X-Ray machine, scanners etc.
  4. Measuring vibrations and shocks during transportation of electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, turbines etc.

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