Fault Monitoring Systems

Fault monitoring

VackerGlobal is the leading supplier of fault detection and monitoring systems. Our various types of fault monitoring systems include fault monitoring of motors, fault monitoring of generators, fault monitoring of cranes, fault monitoring of pumping systems, fault monitoring of HVAC systems and fault monitoring of conveyor systems.

A fault in an operating system is the improper functioning of some or the total parts of the operating system. Fault monitoring systems are well-devised systems that are designed to detect faults in operating systems. The monitoring system is capable of detecting unusual functioning of the parts in the operating system that can potentially result in the proper functioning of the system as a whole. Fault monitoring helps to protect the user from suffering great loss and also avoid potential accidents that may occur due to the faulty functioning of a system.

Types of Fault monitoring systems

Various kinds of faults can be analyzed using one or a combination of different sensors. The sensors will continuously collect the data and will analyze for deviations and generate alerts on faults. We are listing hereunder a few different kinds of fault monitoring systems.

  1. Fault monitoring of motors

    We provide condition monitoring of induction motors or electric motors for all kinds of industries. Our monitoring system uses the most advanced technology that will help to detect incipient faults in the motor system. It is a proven solution to prevent any kind of sudden failure of the important system. Various types of research have shown that most of the faults that occur in the motor system are stator faults. Our monitoring systems are designed to effectively avoid such stator faults before they can cause any serious damage. The system will provide the customers with a wide perspective on the condition of the stator fault in a motor system.

  2. Fault monitoring of generators

    Faults in generators can really cause loss of performance as well as money for the users. Standby generators are a useful tool when the power is out but they also can be a burden on the shoulders of the user if operation costs become high due to problems in the generator. Thermo RecorderThis also has an environmental effect hence VackerGlobal brings fault monitoring systems for generators that will reduce the operation cost as well as prevent a costly repair. Our easy solution will help you be prepared in the hours of emergency during a power cut. You can reduce energy consumption and optimize the performance of the generator which will also help to increase the life of your generators.

  3. Fault monitoring of crane

    There are large numbers of complex machinery involved in the functioning of a crane. They perform many critical operations hence faults in the crane system can be really dangerous. The crane system needs to be monitored continuously. VackerGlobal brings a crane monitoring system that is capable of monitoring the faults in the crane continuously which will contribute to reducing overall maintenance cost, and operating costs and will result in better productivity of the crane. Our monitoring system will help to ensure your crane is always ready to operate for all kinds of operations.

  4. Fault monitoring of the pumping system

    Failure in the pumping system can cause many problems to the user as a pumping system is used for important irrigation in fields. Sudden failure in the pumping system can cause huge losses. Our fault monitoring system for the pumping system will help to reduce such scenarios. Our monitoring system is applicable to all kinds of pumping systems for all kinds of applications. Our fault monitoring system is capable of both first and second sensing in a pumping system that will help the user to avoid any kind of failure in the overall pumping system. The fault monitoring system will increase performance capacity while decreasing the overall operation cost and maintenance costs.

  5. Fault monitoring for the HVAC system

    An HVAC system is the backbone of maintaining proper living conditions in a living space. Faults in the HVAC system of a building can result in a low standard of living conditions and increased operational costs of the system. Our fault monitoring systems are designed to detect all kinds of faults in an HVAC system of a building to ensure the user’s optimum performance of an HVAC system with lower maintenance cost and operational costs.HWg Ares 12

  6. Fault monitoring for the conveyor system

    A conveyor system is the most important part of the process industry. Hence it is very necessary to ensure the proper condition of the conveyor system. Our fault monitoring for conveyor systems will help to monitor the overall condition of the conveyor system continuously and effectively. The monitoring system is equipped with many sensors that will monitor the overall performance of a conveyor system and will alert the user instantly upon detection of any kind of problems.

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