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Weather Station

Weather monitoring systems or indoor environment monitoring systems are basically for monitoring and recording various conditions of the atmosphere. The indoor versions will be basic versions. The outdoor versions can be from simple ones to sophisticated ones. The basic parameters being measured are temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, etc.

Environment monitoring systems

An environment monitoring system is far advanced than a weather monitoring systems in terms of the parameters being monitored. Weather parameters even need not be a part of the environment monitoring systems. Other parameters will include chemical elements, biological elements, microbiological elements, dust particles, radiological elements etc. The chemical elements will be gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, H2S, etc. The microbiological elements will be virus, bacteria, etc.

An environment monitoring system may or may not include recording system. If you want to record the data for future analysis, you may opt for a system with recording.


Weather monitoring station

How to select an environment monitoring system

While selecting a suitable system, you may look for the following features

  1. It should include all the parameters that you want to monitor.
  2. It should be preferably a system which you can expand in future with additional modules, sensors, etc.
  3. It should have a centralized recording system, which you can view remotely.

These systems also are referred for different applications. Examples are environment monitoring of clean rooms, environment monitoring of data centers, etc. Please check our relevant pages for exact solutions.

Weather monitoring & weather stations


Wireless weather station

A weather monitoring will normally check only the parameters related to weather. These are mainly wind, temperature, humidity or moisture content, sunrays, cloud and rain.

For simple purposes we can supply wireless weather stations. This is a desktop weather station having wireless sensors. The wireless sensors can be kept outside your home or office. The display screen on your table will show the relevant data. This model will display temperature, humidity. There are other models which display wind and precipitation as well.

Meteorological monitoring system

Meteorological stations are for collecting various meteorological data and transmit the same to a central computer. Various parameters in a meteorological monitoring system are as below:


Meteorology monitoring system

  1. Wind speed and direction of speed in kilometers per hour.
  2. The temperature of the atmosphere in °C or °F.
  3. Relative humidity of the air in %RH and absolute humidity grams per cubic meter.
  4. Precipitation, which is a measure of rain in millimeters.
  5. Barometric pressure of the air.
  6. Air quality in terms of the particle counter, chemical content, etc.
  7. Soil quality for agricultural purposes. Please see more on our agricultural monitoring system.
  8. Cloud conditions and lightning.

VackerGlobal supplies all types of weather monitoring stations, environment monitoring systems, and Meteorological monitoring system.

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