Monitoring Systems

VackerGlobal has been providing all kinds of monitoring services and products for various critical parameters. There are various monitoring services and products available related to cold room monitoring, water leakage monitoring, CO monitoring, Refrigerator monitoring, server room monitoring, warehouse monitoring, water level monitoring etc. The services provided by our expert engineers and personnel are considered to be the best monitoring services in all over the Middle East and African region.

Real-time Monitoring & Alert systems by Vacker

We provide our products and services related to monitoring on both small scales to huge industrial scale. Some of the monitoring services and products of our company are discussed in brief below:


  1. Carbon monoxide monitoring

    Carbon monoxide is harmful to human beings. Hence, it is necessary to continuously monitor the level of CO. This is especially important in car parks since automobiles produce carbon monoxide. Also, generators produce carbon monoxide and are dangerous if the same is installed in the basement. We provide CO monitoring system for such requirements.
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  2. Clean Room monitoring system

    A clean room has various critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, Indoor Air Quality, electric power, pressure etc. It is essential to monitor these parameters. Our integrated system for cleanroom monitoring can provide a consolidated solution with alerts.

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  3. Cold room monitoring

    Different temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, medicines, foods, vegetables etc. are stored in the cold rooms. Hence it is very important to monitor the temperature of the cold room all the time. We provide the best type of temperature monitoring systems, which are capable of monitoring the cold rooms from a couple of days to several years.
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  4. Tank Monitoring Systems

    The tanks for water, sewage storage, petrol, diesel, chemicals etc. need continuous monitoring. When the tank reaches a certain level it may need to generate an alert to the supervisors. We can provide systems with remote monitoring and alert systems. For systems with remote monitoring, the data will be transferred to a remote system. You can check the level inside the tank remotely.

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  5. Corrosion Protection Monitoring

    The corrosion of installations in corrosive and marine environments need regular monitoring. If left unchecked, the corrosion will damage the installations. Hence such installations require continuous monitoring. we provide monitoring systems for corrosion monitoring.

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  6. Room pressure, differential pressure and negative pressure monitoring

    room-pressure-monitoring-system-vackerglobalThis is for clean rooms, operation theatres, sterilization rooms etc. These rooms have to maintain a differential pressure. Our system can monitor and record the differential pressure. Also, it can provide alerts in case the pressure goes above or below the defined levels.

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  7. Electrical Energy Monitoring system


    If you require to monitor electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power consumption, power factor etc, we can provide a cloud-based system. You can monitor and record all such parameters for analysis.

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  8. Environment monitoring


    Various weather and environment parameters include temperature, humidity, wind, rain, sun etc. Outdoor equipment is required for monitoring these parameters. We can connect these sensors to an internet-based monitoring system.

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  9. Fault monitoring system


    If you require keeping a watch on various other faults such as a machine fault, fault of an HVAC system, compressor fault, generator fault etc. we can provide the same. We will be able to connect our system to a signal from your equipment.  We can provide the same for a wide variety of faults.

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  10. Flood monitoring system


    Upon the occurrence of a flood, our system can efficiently give an alert through a phone call, SMS etc. without any time delay. We can define the water level at which it should make an alert. It consists of water detection sensors.

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  11. IP based monitoring


    In such a system all the sensors will be IP based and can be connected to a network. This is ideal when you require monitoring of numerous parameters. you can connect sensors to existing data points in your building. Our central system will collect these data and will upload to a local server or an internet server.

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  12. Irrigation Monitoring

    In an agriculture irrigation system, we need to monitor multiple parameters such as the volume of water, the moisture content in the water, ambient temperature, ambient humidity etc. Based on the crop, the irrigation system can work at programmed levels so as to save energy and water. Multiple sensors will be connected to a central controller which will activate the irrigation as and when required.

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  13. Liquid pressure and Differential pressure monitoring

    In pipe network distributing liquids, water, diesel, petrol etc. we need to continuously measure the pressure to ensure proper performance. Based on the needs you may want to measure either the absolute pressure or differential pressure. Absolute pressure gives the exact pressure measurement. Differential pressure provides the pressure difference between two points.

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  14. Water & Liquid level monitoring

    liquid-level-monitoring-system-vackerglobalWe provide the simplest and effective water level monitoring which helps you manage the water level. The monitoring data loggers are very easy to use and have many clients to gain peace of mind without the worry of dry tanks.
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  15. Permanent Pipe Network Monitoring

    In a large network of pipes for distribution of water or liquids, the continuous flow and leakages need to be continuously monitored. This is also applicable to sewage networks. The main purpose of such monitoring is to see that there are no major faults occurring anywhere in the entire networks.

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  16. Voice call alert system with a SIM card

    This system will generate phone calls to 8 operators. When the operator attends the call, he can hear a customized voice message indicating the type of fault, location etc. This is an additional device for connecting to various other monitoring systems. It has battery back up and will work even in case of a power failure.
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  17. Rain Monitoring

    Climate centres use a rain monitoring system to predict rain as well as to record the volume of rain. This also comes as part of entire climate monitoring systems. We can supply rain monitoring systems connected through the internet for remote monitoring and recording.

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  18. Refrigerator and freezer monitoring


    Different items such as medicine, vaccines, plasma etc. are very sensitive towards temperature and hence need to be stored and carried in a refrigerator or freezer. These maintain a very narrow temperature range. We provide a monitoring system that enables the user to keep watching and recording the temperature of the refrigerators and freezers centrally. The monitoring system is so sensitive that it can even detect the temperature difference of 0.1 degree Celsius and hence are very reliable and precise. The system can easily be connected to LAN and WiFi connection according to the requirement of the refrigerating system or freezer.

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  19. Server room & Data centre monitoring


    Different kinds of factors are required to be monitored in a server room as it is a very sensitive area. We provide different products that are capable of monitoring different factors in a server room such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, power failure. We provide different monitoring systems that are capable of monitoring these factors even in case of a power failure and even when the server is operating slowly. The monitoring systems use a different method to alert the user by means of SMS and phone calls.

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  20. Structural Health monitoring

    We provide monitoring systems connected with Data Aquisition Systems (DAQ) to monitor the structural health of buildings, bridges etc. This is provided by connecting sensors to the structure and collecting the data through a DAQ system.

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  21. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

    Temperature is the highest measured parameter across the world. The temperature range typically ranges from -200°C to 1500°C. There are many applications in ambient temperature conditions, where humidity measurement also is important. We provide numerous types of wired and wireless solutions for monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity.

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  22. Underground storage tank monitoring

    This system is more or less similar to the tank monitoring systems mentioned on another page. In the case of an underground tank, the sensors will all be underground and the data will be transmitted similar to any other system.

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  23. Warehouse monitoring


    Warehouses of industries are generally medium sized room to large sized rooms where different types of industrial products are stored. Sometimes different items such as medicines, electronic goods, fruits, vegetables, chemicals etc. are stored, which can be affected by variation in temperature and humidity. We provide different types of monitoring systems to monitor the humidity and temperature of the warehouses. The monitoring system is capable of alerting the user through email, SMS, voice call etc. if the level of humidity and temperature exceeds the designated temperature range. Also, we provide different models of the monitoring system that may be a wireless, wired or Wi-Fi model.

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  24. Water leakage monitoring


    Detecting water leakage in huge buildings and industrial plants can be quiet hard and hence can cause a severe amount of loss of property and energy. With our easy to use water leak sensors, water leakage monitoring has become easier and effective like never before. Our water detection sensors are capable of sending a quick alert via various means such as email, SMS and voice call when it detects any water leak. With a wide range of models available, you can easily choose the model of water detection sensor that can meet your requirements.

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