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Ultrasonic Flow Meter by Badgermeter - VackerGlobal

This is ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter by Badgermeter, Germany. Vacker is the Badgermeter dealer in Dubai, Abudhabi and the other Emirates of UAE. It can measure the rate of flow of liquids containing suspended particles or aerated liquids. The suspended particles of the liquids should reflect ultrasonic energy. It transmits ultrasonic waves into the liquid. Then the wave gets reflected. The flow meter can measure the frequency shift of the same. This is how it detects the rate of flow. The meter is a simple clamp-on design. Hence it is very easy to install. There are no moving parts involved in measuring the flow. Hence it is relatively maintenance-free.

  1. Size of the pipe is 1/4inch to 120 inch.
  2. Temperature Range of measurement for this flow meter is from -40 to 400 °F.
  3. This flow meter is suitable for measurement of Flow Range from 0.15 to 30 feet per second.
  4. Pressure Range is DT9 per pipe specification PSI.
  5. Accuracy of measurement in full scale is ±2 %.
  6. Velocity range is 0.15…30 fps or 0.05…9 mps
  7. It is suitable for Liquids containing a minimum of 100 ppm of useful sonic suspended reflectors greater than 35 micron size. Also at least 25%
    of the overall particle volume should be larger than 100 microns.
  8. The power supply rating is 115,100 or 230V AC at 50 or 60 Hz with a maximum variation of ±15%.
  9. It has a response time from 6 to 60 seconds, which the user can select
  10. It can give output as 4…20 mA signals, optically isolated dual relay or rate pulse
  11. You can interconnect up to 4 meters within a maximum distance of 30 meters

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