Strain Gauge Data Loggers

Strain Gauge Bridge Data Logger

VackerGlobal brings the best strain gauge data loggers (Read more on Data Loggers) that aim to protect your structural entities such as buildings, bridges, piles, foundations, tunnel linings, spans and much more. Our system contains flexibility that helps the user in monitoring strain(Read more on Monitoring Systems) on their properties more effectively. We provide the customers with temporary installations as well as permanent installation for strain monitoring.


Strain Gauge Bridge Data Loggers

The system is connected to the internet which makes the user easier to access the overall integrity of their structures any time of the day from anywhere. Our strain gauge data loggers are available in all the major cities of Middle East and African cities.

What are Strain Gauge Data Loggers?

A Strain Gauge Data Logger is a device that is capable of monitoring the strain on a structure. Strain means the amount of force or pressure that is being put on a surface. A Strain Gauge Data Logger is specially designed to measure the amount of strain on metal structures. Excessive stress or strain on metal structure causes the structure to collapse which can cause a great loss of life and property. Strain gauge monitoring systems help to continuously monitor the condition of such structures and can warn the users of potential damage. Protection of the integrity of the structures and ensuring safety are the main functions of strain gauge data loggers. Strain gauge monitoring systems are also responsible for increasing the productivity of the industrial plants.


Strain Gauge Data Logger

The present time is the time of industrialization. Most of the industrial structures or types of machinery are made up of metals. High strain can cause these types of machinery made up of metal to break down and cause a halt in industrial processes. It also can cause accidents. Other structures such as buildings, bridges, gas and petroleum pipelines, etc. are also made up of metals. Strain can cause damage to such structures. Hence, monitoring the level of strain on these structures is also very important. There are various environmental factors that can contribute to the strain on such structures which may not result in complete breakdown. But these factors certainly can create faults in such structures.

Hence in today’s world of industrialization and mega structure building strain gauge data loggers become very important after all. They protect the user from loss while ensuring their safety as well. Our strain gauge monitoring system have been used in many industrial plants as well as many structures such as pipelines, bridges, buildings, etc.

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