Dehumidifier Selection Chart


We are giving hereunder a brief overview of the process of selecting a dehumidifier as shown in the dehumidifier selection chart.

Type of dehumidifiers by operating principle.

There are two types:

  1. Condensation type dehumidifiers or refrigerant dehumidifiers, which are generally for areas above 10°C.
  2. Desiccant dehumidifiers which are generally for areas below 10°C.

However, there are applications where the above are not applicable, especially for big projects.

Dehumidifier selection guide

The chart explains the following steps in selection.

  1. Decide the type of dehumidifier based on the temperature of the room.
  2. For home and offices, normally we use condensation dehumidifiers.
  3. For small rooms, we supply dehumidifier model TTK40E, having a capacity of 14 litres per day.
  4. For medium rooms, we supply dehumidifier model TTK68E, having a capacity of 14 litres per day.
  5. For big rooms, we supply dehumidifier model TTK127E, having a capacity of 50 litres per day. You can use the dehumidifier selection chart on this page, which explains the comparison of a few models of home dehumidifiers.
  6. For swimming pools, there are design calculations involved and we will assist you in this regard. You should use only condensation dehumidifiers for swimming pools. This is because the air has chlorine content and this will damage a desiccant dehumidifier. You can follow the dehumidifier selection guide on this page for swimming pool dehumidifiers.
  7. For small indoor pools within your villas or apartments, you can use floor standing or portable dehumidifiers.
  8. For medium-sized swimming pools and spas, we recommend wall-mounted dehumidifiers.
  9. For big sized swimming pools in hotels, swimming pool centres etc., we provide duct mounted pool dehumidifiers.
  10. In order to calculate the exact models of dehumidifiers, we will require the size of the pool, size of the room, water temperature, current humidity etc.
  11. For all commercial applications, we recommend you to use our dehumidifier sizing calculation to decide the required capacity.
  12. As a thumb rule of dehumidifier selection guide, we recommend condensation dehumidifiers for areas above 10°C. For areas below 10°C, we recommend desiccant dehumidifiers.
  13. For calculation purpose, you need the room dimensions, room temperature, current humidity levels, desired humidity levels and air exchange rate.
  14. For small areas, you can use floor standing or portable units with wheels.
  15. For medium-sized rooms, you can use higher sized portable ones or wall mounted dehumidifiers. You can use multiple units to achieve the required capacity.
  16. As an example, consider that you require a total of 100 litres per day as per the calculation. You can use 4 dehumidifiers of 25 litres per day or 2 units of 50 litres per day.
  17. For big areas such as warehouses, packaging factories etc., you will have to use duct mounted units. If the total dehumidification requirement is low, you might be able to manage with wall mounted or floor mounted big units too.dehumidifier-performance-chart-VackerGlobal

You may note that for each dehumidifier, the performance is different based on the room temperature and humidity levels, eg. If a dehumidifier may have a capacity of 70 litres per day at 60% RH and 25°C. The same dehumidifier will have a capacity of 40 litres per day at 50% RH and 20°C. This difference varies for every model and manufacturer. The chart on the right side shows the graph for one of our models. You have to be careful about this mainly for commercial models. If the supplier is unable to provide the same, it may mean that they have not tested their dehumidifier. In such cases, there is no way of knowing the exact performance levels.

For more guidance on the dehumidifier selection chart and purchase of dehumidifiers, please contact us. If you are located in the Middle East or African regions, please contact our Dubai office.

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