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Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen Meters and Oxygen Analyzers are for checking and analyzing the Oxygen content in the air. This comes in various models such as an Oxygen deficiency meter, Oxygen meter with sensors, Explosion-proof Oxygen monitor, Oxygen monitor for Vacuum, Remote oxygen monitoring sensor, etc.

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Part # OXY-PA-000002

An oxygen deficiency monitor gives an alarm when the level of oxygen goes below a certain level. Typically the level is 19% oxygen. This is mainly used in an atmosphere where other gases also are present such as chemical industry, oil rigs, process plants etc. Features of our Oxygen deficiency Monitor (Part no. OXY-PA-000002) are as detailed below:

  1. Measuring range of 0 to 25%.
  2. The O2 meter operates from -40 to 55°C ambient temperature.
  3. It has two relay outputs for connecting to external alarms, a phone call dialer, etc.
  4. One relay output can be programmed for 19% and the second one for 18.5%.
  5. The user can connect external flashing light with an audible alarm at any distance such as 500 meters away from the room. The Alarm is wired and hence the distance is not a limitation. The user can connect to a phone dialer which will make phone calls to 8 operators.
  6. There are no special installation procedures required for this O2 meter. The customer can simply plug in the O2 meter and it starts working.

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Oxygen Monitor with external sensor Part #OXY-PA-000003

There are many applications, which require monitoring from a distance. In these cases, our O2 monitor with an external sensor of a 3-meter length will be useful. Other features of this O2 monitor are similar to the previous model OXY-PA-000002. The external sensor is capable of accurate sensing adverse conditions containing other gases. Also, it is safe to operate in environments with quick variations in Temperature, humidity etc. It operates on a 24 VDC external power supply.


Portable Oxygen Meter

Portable Oxygen Meter Part # OXY-AM-000004

Portable oxygen monitors are handheld oxygen meters for instant measurement of O2. The portable O2 meters are mainly used to detect Oxygen traces and leakages. It is a quick-measuring, battery-operated type of O2 meter. The major features of this portable O2 meter are explained below.

  1. It can measure the content as low as 0.05ppm. The maximum possible measurement is 25%.
  2. The battery lasts more than 300 hours.
  3. It has an inbuilt recorder for recording the data for future analysis.
  4. The user can transfer the data to a computer using a USB cable.

Oxygen Analyzer for trace oxygen and percentage oxygen analysis Model #OXY-PA-000023

An oxygen analyser determines the oxygen concentration. This can be in terms of trace analysis or as a percentage of the total volume of the air. These are different from Oxygen sensors because an oxygen sensor only provides a reading of the present oxygen level. Different models are available based on fuel cell technology, zirconia ceramic cell etc. The applications are more than measuring the level of Oxygen in a normal atmosphere. These are used in an environment such as combustion chambers, coal mines etc with constantly changing oxygen levels.

We are supplying different models including handheld instruments, tabletop oxygen analyzers etc. If you require a model suitable for hazardous areas, please contact us with the relevant classification of the intended area. The normal measurement range of trace oxygen is 0.0 ppm to 25.0%. If you require remote monitoring, such systems are available with a separate display screen. Remote monitoring is also possible through Modbus, BACNet etc. for connecting to an automation system. The Data recording feature is available either locally or remotely.

Explosion-proof Oxygen Monitor Part # OXY-PA-000005

Explosion Proof Oxygen Monitor

These are oxygen monitors with similar features but enclosed in an explosion-proof case. This is especially useful for environments defined under EEX categories. Similar to other models, the customer can connect a remote audible alarm and flashing strobe for alerting the operators.

Real-Time Remote Oxygen monitoring System Part # OXY-VC-00480

These are remote O2 monitoring for applications such as clean rooms. Our Cleanroom monitoring system covers remote O2 monitoring. The oxygen level is measured by an Oxygen sensor. The Oxygen sensors can be either wireless or wired type. The readings are converted to analogue signals and transmitted to a central server. Also, it is possible to store the data on a cloud-based server. The customer can view the data from any computer connected to the internet. It also has facilities for local alarms, phone call alerts, SMS alerts, etc.

Product Description of Oxygen Meter

  1. Brief Title of the device: Battery-operated portable Oxygen Meter for 0 to 40% Vol.
  2. Brief Description of the device:  Portable Oxygen Meter with Sound Alarm for Commercial and Industrial applications.
  3. Model number: VAC-8000-O2
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1014000018
  7. Price (AED): 6720.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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