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Home Humidifier Model B300 Vacker Global

The room humidifiers are evaporation type humidifiers which have basically a water reservoir and a fan. The fan evaporates the water and the humidity is increased. There will be a humidistat for adjusting the desired humidity. There are different models which can be selected based on the size of the room and the desired humidity levels. Home Humidifier with Remote Control- Vacker Global
These room humidifiers are manufactured by Trotec, Germany and distributed in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia by Vacker Group Dubai & Abudhabi.

Also, we supply room humidifiers with remote control function. As you might be aware, the humidity levels of a human living environment have to be ideally between 45% to 65%. In the Middle East countries, the humidity will be low during the winter season and you might prefer to use a humidifier at home, office etc. These are sleek models ideally suitable for home and hence are known as home humidifiers also. In a home humidifier, you have to select based on a compact design, silent performance, ease of operation and minimum effort for maintenance. Our home humidifiers combine all the above features.

Home humidifiers and Room humidifiers by Trotec, Germany

We are listing out major models of home and room humidifiers distributed by us:

Home humidifier Model B300

Room Humidifier Vacker Global

This model is a space saving design suitable to fit in confined spaced of an apartment or a home.

Features of Model B300 humidifier:

  • Sterilization of water is done through UV technology and hence there is no chance of contaminated water deposits. Thus, it is absolutely safe and suitable for use as a home humidifier.
  • High evaporation performance is achieved without using much of electric power.
  • Electronic humidity adjustment can be done through a sensor based humidistat. This continuously checks the current humidity and operates the humidifier
  • Multiple speed of fan operation is possible through electronic control.
  • The home humidifier switches off when the water level is below the minimum level and hence continuous attention is not required.
  • Automatic water supply can be provided optionally through a water sensor and an inlet pipe.

Large room humidifier model B400

Room humidifier model B400 Vacker Global

This model is especially suitable for a large room and comes with a big fan for achieving humidity levels in a wide area.

Features of model B400 are:

  • Electronic hygrostat is available for adjusting the desired humidity levels. It consists of humidity sensors which will switch ON or OFF the humidifier
  • An efficient motor makes sure that the power consumption is at a low level
  • The control panel indicates the water level inside the room humidifier. Also, the machine switches OFF when the water level inside the reservoir reaches the minimum level
  • The fan can be adjusted to two separate fan speeds

Control Panel of Home humidifier Vacker Global

Home Humidifier control vacker global

Table Top Home Humidifier Vacker Global

Water reservoir of room humidifier Vacker Global
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