Static Electricity Humidifiers

static-electric-control-humidifier-in-dubaiStatic electricity is the electrical charge which builds upon the surface of the item. And most customers don’t like this static electricity and especially during the winter season it makes dry air and the unpleasant side effects also. And if it refers to the manufacturing workshop this static electricity reduces the product quality and reduces the productivity also because there are safety concerns regarding the uncontrollable sparks.

humidifier-to-reduce-static-electricityBesides, there will be physical impairment of electronic equipment and machinery.  If you are having an industry like printing, textile, electronics, paper or plastics, pharmaceutical, automotive then there will be a high probability of having the static electricity issue in your workshop and it’s better to be precautions rather than taking a risk of the business.

Besides in the industrial workshop, this static electricity will make sudden explosion or fire which may result to employee injuries. And also it will lead to employee turnover and also serious legal issues. The static electricity will be a small electric shock but it has the power to create a huge loss or close the whole workshop. So it is better to invest some money to avoid static electricity in the working area.

How to reduce static electricity?

To avoid static electricity humidity in the air must be around 45RH -55%RH. In case if its less than 45%RH then it will create a static electricity around the area and cause issues to the day to day household work and industrial work. When the humidity in the atmosphere is low, the differential potential increases between different metal parts as well as between the metal parts and the earth. When someone touches such a charged metal, electricity passes through him to the earth. This causes a minor electric shock to the person. Depending on the amount of charge, the electric shock can be minor to medium. For example in the printing industry, the paper continuously absorbs moisture from the air. This causes static electricity formation. In some buildings and hotels, you might have experienced static electricity when you touch the rail of a staircase. This also is caused due to the same reasons.

The best remedy to reduce and eliminate the static electricity is to increase the humidity of the air. We can use humidifiers to increase the humidity of the air. The humidifiers store water inside them and convert into moisture using electricity. There are various types of small and big humidifiers for this purpose.  to keep the humidity around 55%RH VackerGlobal offers static electricity humidifiers. (Read more about humidifiers)

Static electricity humidifier comes in different models and sizes thus as per the customer requirement they can choose the model. And as an example, if it is for home use the industrial type humidifier will not be matching with the requirement. Since for home use a portable size humidifier with basic specifications will be enough but for industrial use, the static electricity humidifier has to be matched with the industrial specifications and area of the workshop.

Features of Static electricity humidifiers

One of the main features of our static electricity humidifier is it consumes low energy power and that will lead to lesser operational cost so even for households or for industrial use it will be long-term saving for the users. Besides when there is no risk of static electricity in the workshop then eventually it will increase the productivity and efficiency level in the production line and also it will avoid the machine downtime. If it is for household usage then it will create a comfortable and relaxing environment without the unpleasant sparks and besides that, it will avoid dust in the room, dry skin issues, and irritated eyes problems.

If you have any clarifications or technical support regarding the static electrical humidifiers our sales engineers are always ready to help you. And also if you are facing static electricity issues and confused with which model to select you can drop an inquiry to us. We provide solutions for all your issues. You can inform us the preferred design then we can help you with that. We do supply, install and conduct commissioning of the humidifier as customer preference.
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