Are Your Loved Ones Breathing Unhealthy Air?

Air humidifier with air purifier in Dubai, UAE
air-humidifierCombined equipment of air humidifier and air purifier in a single machine for home and office use. These are new models in the series of best room humidifiers from Trotec, Germany. Inside a home, office and other living environments, humidity has to be maintained at comfortable levels of 45% to 65%.Humidity levels below 45% will cause discomfort and other health problems such as a sore throat, dry skins etc. An air purifier will remove house dust, pollen fiber, pets’ hair etc. This is achieved by air washing and hence these models are also known as air washer. An air humidifier generates humidity by vaporizing water, thus increasing the humidity of the air. Air humidifiers are used in rooms of small babies as a baby humidifier to generate comfortable levels of humidity for babies. Hence, air humidifiers are also known as the baby humidifier for the right reasons.

Adverse effects of low humidity in rooms:

It is advisable to use on of the best room humidifiers to reduce the following adverse effects of low humidity.

  • Low humidity causes a cold and dry cough for human beings.
  • If the humidity level is low, it causes dry nose, eyes and skin, thus even affecting sleep pattern
  • Low humidity level affects furniture, painting, artefacts, musical instruments etc. which will become dry and develop cracks at low humidity.

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Features of Baby humidifier combined with air purifier:

Brand is Trotec Germany

  • These models use 100% natural methods to clean air and generate humidity. There are no chemical processes involved
  • This baby humidifier has extremely silent operation less than 40 decibels. (This is lower than a table fan)
  • Large water container and hence continuous monitoring is not required
  • Variable fan adjustment, to adjust as per user comfort.
  • Digital display of current humidity
  • Sensors based humidity control for the air humidifier which can be adjusted by the user
  • Water level indicator to check the water in the reservoir
  • Weight of the air washer: 6 kg
  • Rated output of air humidifier combined with air purifier:11 Watt
AW 10 S AW 20 S
baby-humidifier baby-humidifier
Technical Details
Amount of Air
Max air volume[m3/h] 126 228
Electrical Values
Max power input 0,11 0,30
input voltage [V] 230 230
Frequency [Hz] 50 50
Dimensions (packaging excluded)
Length [mm] 315 410
Width [mm] 310 325
Height [mm] 390 420
Weight (packing excluded)
Weight [mm] 6 10
Display of relative humidity Y Y
Humidifying function with separate switch on and off N Y
Pre-filter N Y
HEPA-function can be switched on or switched off N Y
Sensor controlled automatic mode Y Y
Combined sensor of air and air humidity N Y
Indication display of current air quality Y Y
Night Mode Y Y
Plasma generator Y Y
Display of full water level Y Y
Automatic switch-off with empty water tank Y Y

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