Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera (informally known as a TIC) is a sort of thermographic camera utilized in firefighting. By rendering infrared radiation as visible light, such cameras enable firemen to see regions of warmth through smoke, darkness, or warmth penetrable boundaries. Thermal imaging cameras are ordinarily handheld, however, might be head protector mounted. They are developed utilizing warmth and water-safe lodgings, and ruggedized to withstand the risks of fireground activities. Thermal imaging cameras are used to monitor and record thermal images continuously for electrical & mechanical installations, security surveillance, water leakage inspection, preventive maintenance, etc. We are the supplier of Thermal Imaging IR cameras manufactured by Trotec, Germany. The major models of IR cameras are listed below:

A. Tablet sized thermal Imaging camera model AC80V

This is a tablet-sized intelligent, handy thermal imaging camera combined with the functions of a tablet and an IR Thermal camera. This can be easily connected through wireless or wired connections and has easily usable applications for managing the recorded data.

table Sized Thermal Imaging Camera AC80V VackerGlobal

table Sized Thermal Imaging Camera AC80V

Features of tablet IR Thermal camera model AC80V

Few of the major features of the above model of Infrared camera are listed below:

  1. USB, WLAN and Bluetooth connection capability
  2. 5 inch touch screen (capacitive type)
  3. Wireless internet connection facility
  4. Recording capability for IR videos
  5. Integrated GPS which can record position
  6. High Thermal sensitivity camera
  7. It has an integrated LED lamp
  8. Android platform for operating system
  9. Additional applications available for detailed analysis

Please see the attached comparison sheet for the data of various Infrared thermal camera.

B. IC series thermal imaging camera

IC series is medium range of Thermal cameras by Trotec, Germany

Features :

Tablet Sized IR Thermal Camera Vacker Global

Tablet Sized IR Thermal Camera

  1. Radiometric camera manufactured in EU
  2. Real time image display and temperature measurement in high quality images
  3. Ingress protection of IP54 class
  4. Movable type 3.5” LCD colour display
  5. Laser pointer for direction pointing
  6. Data transfer through USB connection
  7. Software included

Infrared Thermal camera model IC 120V LV

This is the highest model available in the IC series of Infrared cameras. Technical details are as below:

  1. Minimum measurement temperature : -20 °C
  2. Maximum measurement temperature : +1500°C
  3. Minimum focal length 0,10 m
  4. Image repetition frequency 50/ 60 Hz
  5. Geometric resolution 1,1 mrad
  6. Standard lens 24° x 21°
  7. Minimum focal length 0,10 m
  8. Field of vision (FOV) 24° x 21°
  9. Maximum Accuracy: ±2°C
  10. Colour display/resolution in pixels: 680 x 480 pixels
  11. Thermal sensitivity: 0.05 °C
  12. Memory storage: miniSD card
  13. Dimensions of the camera without packing: 230 mm x 80 mm x 195 mm

Please see the attached comparison sheet for the data of the above model

C. EC series Thermal Imaging camera

EC series is high end Thermal camera for temperature measuring range from -20 °C to +250 °C.

Major features of this Infrared camera are:

  1. Hot and cold spot tracking
  2. Docking station with USB connection port
  3. Integrated with real camera for real images
  4. Picture in Picture display in the Infrared thermal camera

Thermal camera model EC 060V

  1. Operating range of temperature -20 °C to +250°C
  2. Detector resolution 160 x 120 pixels
  3. Spectral range 8 – 14 µm
  4. Maximum Accuracy ± 2 °C/± 2 %
  5. Standard lens 20 ° x 15 °
  6. LCD display : 3”
  7. Colour display/resolution : 680 x 480 pixels
  8. Size without packing 175 x 55 x 160 mm, 150 gram
  9. Data storage : SD card
  10. Power : rechargeable battery which will retain charge for upto 3.0 hours
  11. Ingress Protection class of IP54.

Please see the attached comparison sheet for the data of the above model

Thermal Imaging Camera Comparison

Also please see our Infrared thermometers without camera. The thermometer will measure the temperature of a spot, whereas the camera will scan an area.

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