Commercial Warehouse Humidifier

Commercial humidifiers are available in different operational principles. The products explained in this product range are evaporation type commercial humidifiers which are used as warehouse humidifiers. The principle is simply that there is a water container in which water is stored. The water is evaporated and sprayed into the air using a strong fan. The required humidity can be set in the humidistat. When the required humidity is achieved, the fan will stop. Again when the humidity goes down, the fan will start again. Also, the present humidity level can be seen in an LCD display panel. These functions of humidistat and LCD display may vary in different models. These commercial humidifiers are economical models for usage as warehouse humidifiers. You may need to use multiple units depending on the size of the warehouse and based on the present and desired humidity levels.

Commercial humidifier model B 250

Commercial Warehouse Humidifier Vacker Global

This model is one of our evaporation type humidifiers used for warehouses. Features of this warehouse humidifiers are:

  1. Fully electronic controlled sensors and motors enabling trouble free, unattended operation.
  2. The electronic display indicates present humidity, desired humidity, water level and fan stage continuously.
  3. The keyboard can be locked to prevent anyone else from changing the settings.
  4. If the water level is lower than the required level, the machine will automatically switch off and a flashing light on the display panel will indicate the warning.
  5. Automatic water supply inlet can be connected by using optional water level sensor. This will ensure fully automatic operation without any manual interaction.

How to select required capacity of warehouse humidifier

In order to calculate the required capacity of humidifier we require the following details:

    1. The size of the warehouse viz. Length, Breadth and height.
    2. The present humidity in %RH. If you do not know the present humidity you can use a hygrometer to measure the present humidity. If you want to record the humidity levels over a period of time you may use a humidity data logger
    3. The required capacity in %RH. This is decided based on your requirements. Eg. If you want to store tobacco, you may need a humidity level of 60-70% RH. Thus based on your stored items or your factory environment, you have to decide the required capacity

From the above details, the required moisture to be generated in calculated in kg per hour. Then a warehouse humidifier capable of generating this much of moisture is selected. For any medium, to big warehouse, it is better to select multiple small commercial humidifiers, instead of one big humidifier. This way, the air circulation will be better enabled to achieve the results faster.

If you are looking for smaller areas you may consider our Room humidifiers or Air humidifier with air purifier

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