Shock & Vibration data logger

A shock or vibration data logger is useful for recording vibrations or sudden shocks This is mainly for recording vibration or shock during transportation and operation of sensitive equipment. During the transportation of medical equipment such as X-Ray, CT scans, MRI equipment etc. it is essential to monitor and record the vibrations.

Applications of Shock and Vibration data loggers

The following are a few of the applications of shock data loggers and vibration data loggers.Shock data logger for transportation by VackerGlobal

  1. Measure and record the shock during the transportation of critical medical equipment, electrical equipment etc. This will record shocks during loading, unloading, accidents etc. If the shock exceeded the permitted limits, it might cause damage to the equipment.
  2. Measure and record vibrations during the continuous operation of equipment such as generators, motors, cranes etc. This is useful for monitoring the performance of the machines.

Technical specifications of Shock Data logger MSR 175

  1. The shock data logger MSR 175 is cargo approved.
  2. This model records temperature, humidity, 3 Axis acceleration, Absolute air pressure and Light.technical details of Shock Data Logger for transportation by VackerGlobal
  3. Memory capacity is over 2,000,000 measurement values.
  4. The medium of operation is Air.
  5. The Colour of the shock data logger is Amber.
  6. The Key is Start measurement/retrieve status.
  7. The power supply is a LiPo battery of 230 mAh, charged via the USB connection, recording period of up to 8 weeks. Also, we provide a replaceable Li-SOCI2 battery (3.6 V, 7700 mAh), with a battery operating time of 2 years at least.
  8. Optional item is Charging station (USB hub) for 7 MSR175 (item number B47002).
  9. The type of Interface for this shock data logger is USB.
  10. The software package is MSR175 Dashboard software, MSR ReportGenerator, free MSR ShockViewer basic version. A fee-based MSR ShockViewer Pro Version will be available at a later stage.
  11. System requirements for software are Windows 7 or higher with USB ports.
  12. Operating conditions of Temperature are from -20 to +65 °C.
  13. Storage conditions of Temperature are from +5 to +45 °C (ideal storage condition for the battery).
  14. Storage conditions for humidity are from 10 to 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing.
  15. The MSR175 shock data logger complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.

Technical specifications of Vibration and Shock Data Logger model MSR165

  1. This model measures Vibration, Shocks and Jolts.
  2. This Vibration, Shock and Jolt data logger is approved for air cargo applications.
  3. It can monitor shocks up to ±15 g or up to ±200 g.Shock, Vibrations and Jolt DataLogger by VackerGlobal
  4. This model has extremely low power requirements. It can record for a period of up to 5 years using replaceable Li-SOC2 batteries.
  5. The memory capacity of this vibration and shock data logger is over 2 million measurement values. Additional memory is possible with a microSD card of over 1 billion.
  6. There is a Push-button to set the bookmark and for starting and stopping the recording.
  7. There are three LEDs in this vibration and shock data logger. The Blue LED is for the Record indicator. The Red LED is for the Alarm indicator. The Yellow LED is for the Battery charge indicator.
  8. The power supply is a Lithium-polymer battery (1000 mAh), rechargeable via USB port, recording period of up to 6 months. Also, we can provide replaceable batteries (Li-SOCl2, 3.6 V, 2 x 7700 mAh), for recordings up to 5 years.
  9. The interface is through USB.
  10. PC software is MSR PC Software (standard), MSR ShockViewer analysis software.
  11. System requirements are Windows 7 or higher, and a USB port.
  12. Operation conditions for Temperature are from -20 to +65 °C.
  13. Storage conditions for Temperature are from +5 to +45 °C (ideal storage conditions for the battery).
  14. Storage conditions for Humidity are from 10 to 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing.
  15. The MSR165 vibration and shock data logger complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.

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