Pressure Data Logger

The DL200D temperature, humidity and pressure data logger is the complete indoor climate station. By collecting air temperature, humidity, and air pressure values, this device provides a complete data recording. It has a combination of real-time data display values, detection as well as logging of measured values over a long period of time.

This is a great tool when you need to take precision measurements, like those used for calibrating tools, laboratory equipment, operation theater, hospital rooms, Intensive care units, etc.

All of the DL series of devices are multi-channel data logging units that allow you to get accurate figures and then record each of these measure values. This temperature, humidity and pressure data logger is compact and usable for commercial and industrial applications.Pressure Data Logger DL200D Front Screeen

Measurement channel is used here in the same way it is in the included analysis software, which means that you have individually selectable recording tracks to choose from as opposed to merely looking at the available sensors.

Each measured value and unit constitutes a channel group. All of them are capable of recording and displaying minimum, maximum, average and current values. Every single one of these values represents an individual measurement channel.

The highest number of available channels for each logger is the number of individual channel groups multiple by these four types of measured values. Thus there are 20 different measurement channels to select for logging, and three can be displayed at any time.

Features of the Temperature, Humidity, Pressure data logger DL200D

Major features of Pressure data logger DL200D are listed below.

  1. It can measure and record temperature, humidity and pressure readings
  2. A maintenance-free measuring device manufactured in Germany using the highest-quality parts.
  3. Great design of Pressure data logger for long-term measurements.Pressure Data Logger DL200D Connections
  4. Storage that can contain 3.2 million different measured values.
  5. The ability to record up to 20 different channels at any given time.
  6. Network connectivity for connecting to your LAN.
  7. A low energy-consumption design capable of operations for a long duration.
  8. A flexible power supply, which can take power from batteries, USB or an optional PoE system as well as via LAN.
  9. A timer and alarm function that supports variable measurement intervals for each and every separate channel.
  10. Three rows of LCD screens to show different values simultaneously in a single screen of the Pressure data logger.
  11. Analysis software that runs on a PC is supplied along with the Pressure data logger.

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Specifications of pressure data logger

Below are the listed specifications of pressure data logger.

  1. Measuring principle of air temperature is by NTC.
  2. Temperature measuring range is -20 to 50°C
  3. Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3 °C in the range of 0 – 40°C, and 0.5°C across remaining range of measurement.
  4. Temperature display resolution is 0.1°C.
  5. Measuring principle of Relative humidity is by capacitive measurement.
  6. Humidity measuring range is 10 to 95%RH.
  7. Humidity measurement accuracy is ±2 %RH.
  8. Humidity display resolution is 0.5 %RH.Pressure Data Logger DL200D Dubai
  9. Air pressure measuring range is 300 to 1.300 hPa (absolute air pressure)
  10. Air pressure measuring accuracy is ± 0.5 hPa.
  11. Air pressure display resolution 0.1 hPa.
  12. Power supply is Internal battery 4 x LR6 AA mignon battery, operating hour > 1 year (depending on sensors and configuration)./ External (USB)/ External via LAN (PoE model)
  13. Programmable Sensing intervals are 10/30s, 1/10/12/15/30 min, 1/3/6/12/24h.
  14. Programmable Saving intervals are 1/10/12/15/30, 1/3/6/12/24 h.
  15. Memory capacity is 16 MB, 3,200,000 measured values.
  16. Data logging capacity for up to 20 measuring channels in parallel.
  17. Weight excluding packing is 0.250 kg.
  18. Dimensions excluding packing is 166 mm (L) x 32 mm (W) x 78mm (H)

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