Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Vacker Global

Swimming pools generate a lot of humidity because the water from the pool is heated.Swimming pool dehumidifiers are used for such purposes. There is a difference in temperature between the water and air. This also causes higher humidity in the area. The heated air generates moisture and is released into the air. Indoor swimming pools and basement dehumidifiers especially are a big menace.

This causes huge humidity in the area which is very harmful. Hence, the surrounding air must be dehumidified properly. Properly selected swimming pool dehumidifier can reduce the humidity to normal levels.

Adverse effects of humidity caused by indoor swimming pools

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools generate excessive humidity. However, the problems are severe in indoor swimming pools. moisture is unable to find a way out and gets deposited everywhere including inaccessible areas. You can see moisture condensation on walls adjacent to the pool. This causes damage to painting, wooden doors & windows, metal doors & windows etc. Also, clothes, curtains, paintings etc. in the surrounding rooms will be affected. Mold formation happens on the walls and the upper layer of painting and cementing peels off.how-to-select-swimming-pool-dehumidifier

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier Vacker Global

In addition to this, the swimming pools are treated with chlorine. Hence, the moisture in the water vapor is filled with chlorine particles. This adds to the woes of high humidity. This is detrimental to all articles around the pool.

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools

Swimming pool dehumidifiers are designed to solve the challenges of high humidity. They are multi-functional units which also provides heating of the air if required. This is the main difference of indoor pool dehumidifiers from normal industrial models. These dehumidifiers are entirely automatic and the humidity levels are controlled by a humidistat or hygrostat.

These automatic controls ensure that the swimming pool is in a well-controlled environment. The humidity and the air temperature control results in a stabilized environment.
Our swimming pool dehumidifiers are designed in such a way that it uses very little energy for dehumidification and heating of the air. Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Vacker GlobalThey recover the energy from the dehumidification process and are recycled to heat the air if required. These dehumidifiers are usually closed loop system with simple maintenance.

Indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers

All of our indoor pool dehumidifiers can also be used for external pools.However, calculation for indoor pool dehumidifiers will be entirely different. For indoor pools the area is enclosed. Hence, air volume is considered for the enclosed area.

Outdoor swimming pool dehumidifier

For outdoor pools, the unit will be working in continuous mode since the air will be continuously exchanged. In both cases, the dehumidifier is installed on wall and water is drained out. The effectiveness of a dehumidifier for an outdoor pool is limited. The reason is that for outdoor pool is open to the outdoor air and hence no control of the air intake. However, if you have any particular items or area to protect from high humidity, you may place a dehumidifier near to this area.

Principle of pool dehumidifier

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Chart Vacker Global

These are condensation type dehumidifiers, which convert moisture into water. There are condensation coils which cools down the air and absorbs the moisture content. This moisture is converted into water. A drain pipe has to be connected to drain out the water.

Swimming pool dehumidifier model DS51

This model is one of our biggest dehumidifier for swimming pools having capacity of 84 liters per day. Major parameters are listed below:-

  1. The unit has a dehumidification capacity of 84 liters per day at 30 °C & 80 % RH.
  2. The unit has a dehumidification capacity of 36 liters per day at 20°C & 60 % RH.
  3. Air volume capacity is 740 m³/hour.
  4. The machine can operate at ambient temperature of 15°C to 35°C and humidity range from 30% to 90%.
  5. Electrical operating voltage is 230 Volta AC, 50 Hz.
  6. Current consumption is 6 Ampere and Maximum power input 0.98 kW.

We have supplied such swimming pool dehumidifiers for Villas, apartments, hotels etc. in Dubai,Abudhabi,UAE,Oman,Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain, Riyadh, Jeddah,Dammam, Saudi Arabia etc.