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Data loggers has been part of all recording requirements. From the discovery of gravity to the invention of the internal combustion engine, we have always relied on recorded data. We require such data to create new technologies and find ways to improve existing technologies. In such a scenario, it is not surprising that modern technologies rely on a wide variety of electronic devices for data logging purposes. Any electronic recorder is called a data logger as explained below.

What is a Data Logger?

A data logger is an instrument equipped with a sensor, an electronic chip, and internal memory. This combined instrument will record data at regular intervals for detailed analysis in the future. The sensor measures the physical phenomena or the source of data. The data collected by the sensor is converted into electronic signals by the chip, which then proceeds to store the information in its internal memory. A data interface mechanism allows
access to the logged data for analysis and interpretation.

One of the essential advantages of using data loggers is the ability to automatically gather data on a 24-hour premise. Upon initiation, data loggers are commonly conveyed and left unattended to quantify and record data for the duration of the monitoring time frame. This takes into consideration a far comprehensive, exact image of the environmental conditions being observed, for example, air temperature and relative humidity.

A data logger is a versatile device that can be used for a wide range of reasons. From assessing the amount of sunlight or rain received by a city or region to the average temperature of the cold storage vehicle throughout its journey across the country. There are many applications from hobbies to research. A data logger facilitates the automatic collection of data at periodic intervals without any reliability or performance issues. Two commonly-used data loggers are devices that measure and log temperature and humidity.
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Different Types of Data Logger

We are listing below the major types of data loggers:

  1. Brain Child Data Logger

    The data logger has major three parts internal memory, a sensor and an electronic chip. It has the function of record data based on provided parameters. It records data in a regular interval. Also, this is useful for future analysis of data. Data may be temperature, humidity, pressure, light, vibration etc.
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  2. Climate Data Logger

    This is a Climate Data Logger with a sensor system which is externally expandable. An expandable data logger means, it can expand its functions by adding additional accessories into the main device. We can fit the DL200P Climate Data Logger with two TS910 contact temperature sensors, and with two electrode pairs for measuring resistance dampness.

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  3. Corrosion Data Logger

    Corrosion data loggers are used to monitor and record the rate of corrosion in steel structures. These are especially useful in marine environments, steel foundations etc.

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  4. Flow Data Logger

    Flow data loggers are used for recording the rate of flow of water, liquids etc. The data logger measures the speed between two predefined points to measure the rate of flow

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  5. Humidity Data Logger

    Bluetooth temperature data logger

    Bluetooth temperature data logger

    Humidity loggers are for recording humidity. Generally, the humidity data loggers will be combined with temperature recording. For this reason, we term them as temperature and humidity data loggers. There are models with internal and external sensors. We can see the current readings on the screen along with certain other critical parameters.
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  6. Light Data Logger

    Light data loggers are used to continuously record the lux level of lights. There will be a light sensor combined with a recording circuit to measure and record the light. We are supplying light data loggers to record any level of lux or lumen measurement.
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  7. Multi-channel recorders and data loggers by Graphtec

    Graphtec, Japan manufactures a wide variety of advanced data loggers.


    Dry Ice Data Loggers

    Some of these models can take inputs of up to 200 channels. The data loggers come with large LCD displays capable of displaying graphs of the input terminals.

    Vacker Dubai is an authorized distributor for all instrumentation products manufactured by Graphtec, Japan.

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  8. Pressure Data Logger

    Electrical voltage current data logger

    Electrical voltage-current data logger

    The DL200D temperature, humidity and pressure data logger is the complete indoor climate station.
    By collecting air temperature, humidity and air pressure values, this device provides a complete data recording. It has a combination of real-time data display, detection as well as logging of measured values over a long period of time.
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  9. Shock Data Loggers

    Shock data loggers will record any abnormal shock experience by sensitive goods during transportation. This is useful during transportation of medical equipment, MRI scanners, X-ray machines, electrical equipment, transformers etc.

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  10. Single-use USB Temperature data logger


    Single use temperature data logger

    Single-use temperature data logger or disposable data loggers are for recording temperature data only once. After one use, we cannot reuse the same. While transporting medicine, fruits, vegetables etc, the shipper can keep these data loggers inside the consignment. The receiver can check the data of this logger before accepting the consignment.

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  11. Single-use USB Temperature & Humidity data logger

    Single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger or disposable Temperature & Humidity data loggers are for recording temperature & humidity data. We can use this data logger only once. After that, the data will be available in the logger, but it will not be possible to record once again. These are useful for logistics, short term storage etc. The main applications are for shipping of fruits, vegetables, processed food, medicine etc.

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  12. Strain Gauge Data Logger

    VackerGlobal brings the best strain gauge data loggers that aim to protect your structural entities such as buildings, bridges, piles, foundations, tunnel linings, spans and much more. Our system contains flexibility that helps the user in monitoring strain on their properties more effectively. We provide the customers with temporary installations as well as a permanent installation for strain monitoring.
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  13. Temperature Data Loggers

    Temperature data logger with sensor

    Temperature data logger with sensor

    Temperature data loggers are for recording temperature for any sort of applications.
    For various types of applications, the temperature needs to be recorded across the entire range of -200°C to 1350°C.

    We supply numerous types of data loggers for these applications. All types of electronic recorders are known as data loggers.
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  14. Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Logger


    Temperature and humidity data logger

    Indoor air and ventilation quality are important for experts in the field of ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

    Also, architects and industry engineers need an automatic recording
    device to measure the long-term indoor air and ventilation quality.

    The best option for a multifunctional device is our BZ30 CO₂ Data Logger.
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  15. Vibration data loggers


    Vibration Data Logger

    Vibration data loggers are for the recording of vibration during the transportation of sensitive equipment. While transporting medical equipment, transformer, electrical panels etc. it is important to avoid sudden vibrations. Also for structures and buildings, vibration is recorded for analysis. These are also known as Impact Recorder since it is recording the impact. For all these purposes, vibration data loggers are used.

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  16. Vibrating Wire Data Logger

    Vibrating-wire data loggers have the built-in capacity to quantify vibrating-wire sensors. These data loggers use licensed spectral analysis technology. VackerGlobal is a renowned supplier of Vibrating Wire data loggers that suit our customer needs thereby strengthening our bond even further.
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  17. Water Level Data Logger

    In tanks, a water level data logger can record the level continuously. This is useful in water tanks, petrol & diesel tanks, sewage tanks etc

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  18. Water Pressure Data Logger

    Water pressure in a column of water or in a pipeline can be recorded using a water pressure data logger. The pressure is measured using a pressure sensor and converted into recordable signals in the water pressure data logger. Similar liquid data loggers are available for diesel, petrol etc.

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  19. Wind speed Data Logger

    Wind speed data loggers are for recording the speed of the wind as part of the monitoring of climatic conditions.

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