Water Quality Monitoring

water-quality-monitoring-vackerglobal-dubaiThe most important compound found in nature is water. Water is not only necessary for living but to run our everyday life smoothly. In fact, it will totally be absurd to think our life without water. Since water is so important in our life we must be careful of its quality. In fact, our body is made up of nearly seventy percent of water.

vackerglobal-carries-out-water-quaity-monitoring-equipment-dubaiWater is not just important for drinking but its various range of use makes it the most commonly used substance by humans. Besides drinking it is used for agriculture and industrialization. They are used in steam engines, to produce hydro-electricity and many more. They also have entertainment values such as swimming. Thus we can understand the role of water in life.

The quality of water means various characteristics of water which includes chemical features, biological features, and radiological features. Proper quality of water is a relative term as the term “proper quality” for water can be different for different purposes. For example, the quality of water that is proper for irrigation may not necessarily be proper for drinking purpose. Hence the standard of water required varies according to the use. The quality of water is generally assessed in relation to ecosystems, safety of human and animal contact as well as drinking water.

Water Quality and Health


Human, as well as animals, consume water every day. Hence the quality of water is directly related to our health. Various kinds of infections and diseases can enter our body through water. If the water quality is not maintained to a healthy standard then we will constantly suffer from various diseases. Today various data show that hundreds of thousands of people especially who are children die due to water-related disease and millions of people get infected with the water-related diseases. The problem is quite astounding in underdeveloped and developing countries which is due to the lack of education. Hence people must be made aware of the importance of water quality to save millions of lives.

Water Quality and Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors where the quality of water is very important. It is necessary to have a proper quality of water to gain agricultural yields. The quality of water may vary according to the crop. Lack of proper quality of water can be devastating for agriculture as it can cause more damage than good. Providing good quality of water for agriculture ensures food security for the nation as well as the whole world.

Condition of Water Quality on Earth


The majority part of the surface water on earth is neither toxic nor potable. A majority portion of surface water is sea water which is not generally used for drinking, agriculture or industries. Other major sources of surface water are lakes, rivers, waterfall etc. The qualities of water in these water body vary according to the environment and human intervention.

Water quality monitoring system

In case of GCC which includes UAE the water quality of the water supply system is monitored by various government agencies as well as volunteers and private organizations. Vacker Group has been providing water quality monitoring system in these countries for more than a decade. Some of the countries where our water quality monitoring system is available are the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc. Our monitoring system is available in all the major cities of these countries.


  • We understand the importance of monitoring the water quality because:
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality helps the people to track down the problems related to water.
  • They also help to keep the record of variation in water quality. This will help the user to understand the ways to gain the desired water quality.
  • They also help to execute the water quality management regulations. Since there are various water quality management rules and regulations which if not followed can be termed illegal. It can also result in legal fine and punishment.
  • The water quality monitoring system also helps to develop emergency strategies.

The water quality monitoring system by our Vacker Group has been approved by international standards as well as the local authorities. The monitoring system is highly reliable and is known for the accuracy among its user.

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