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In today’s world, artificial intelligence has gained tremendous insight into a computer automation system. With the growing trend of technology, artificial intelligence can now be categorized into four different types namely: purely reactive, limited memory, the theory of mind and self-aware.

Purely reactive artificial intelligence

This is the most basic form of artificial intelligence which portrays ability neither to form memories nor to use past experiences to inform current decisions. Purely reactive artificial intelligence makes use of neural network since it lacks a wider perception of the world. This type usually involves the computer perceiving the world directly and acting on what it sees. It doesn’t rely on an internal concept of the world.

Limited memory artificial intelligence

This artificial intelligence ensued after the launch of purely reactive. It differs from purely reactive as it has the ability to look into the past. The machine usually works by identifying a specific object and observing them over time. These short piece of information about the past are only transient and are later evolved by artificial intelligence to build their own representations by adding past data into a preprogrammed representation of the world. It can thereby be assumed to have enough memory or experiences to make appropriate decisions and execute suitable actions.

Theory of mind artificial intelligence

Theory of mind usually denotes for the capacity of artificial intelligence to understand thoughts and emotions which affect human behaviour. This type can deal with feelings, motives, intentions, and expectations and can interact socially. However, it can be said that this concept I futuristic and with passing time the machines that we see in the movie can be designed in reality due to the implementation of the theory of mind. This aspect also plays a major role if the artificial intelligence system has to work with humans. Since this requires social interaction with people which can only be made possible if the machines learn the theory of mind in which they will be able to understand thought and emotions in order to communicate with human and they will be able to adjust their behaviour in accordance to the human’s reactions.

Self – aware artificial intelligence

This type of artificial intelligence is known to be an extension of the theory of mind aspect.  This aspect usually explores the notion of the building system that can form representations about themselves and remain conscious by being able to not only understand or sense the feeling of others but also be able to predict their own internal state.

Nevertheless, creating this type of artificial intelligence will take decades so until then it is crucial to keep focusing on efforts toward understanding memory, learning and the ability to base decisions on past experiences. This is an important step to understand human intelligence on its own as this will help in designing and an evolving machine that is more exceptional.

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