Wireless Lighting Automation & Control


Do you suffer from confusing and untidy wire system of the house and dreaming of a trendy house or office building? And do you wish to have an automated smart lighting system for your home which you can control remotely or else from sensors? Then VackerGlobal is providing a solution for your each and every request with customised products from our specialized engineers.

This is mainly for our customers who prefer to light up the whole house or office building from the wireless smart lighting system. Nowadays, for a modern home structure, this smart lighting system ensures the beauty of any house or office building. Regardless of the size of the house and new or old construction duration of the house, we offer a customised lighting system for each and every person or company.

Features of our Lighting system


If it is for your home then we have customised day and night lighting system for customers. From that, you can have a modern look for your home as well as it will lead to saving power also since no need to turn light on and off manually and it will automatically operate based on the sensor system.

We connect sensors based wireless lighting system and from that, it will automatically know when a person entries to a room and walk away from the room so it will automatically operate knowing the day and night also. When the sensor captures that even it’s daytime and it is too dark inside the room then it will adjust the lighting system automatically inside the house or office building.

When you want to play a movie or listen to music or else assume you are having dinner then we have special lighting systems which you can enjoy from a single button press in the light controlling device. And also it can save power efficiently because sometimes in some situations we are forgetting to turn off the lights inside the house or building so in that case, our sensor system will automatically capture there is no one inside the house and it will turn off the light system automatically. wireless-lighting-automation-control-system-provider-in-dubai-uaeThere’s no need of any manual operation. And if you wish to operate some alternative low power light system when you are away from home then we can plan that option also then no one will know your home is empty and it will help to reduce utility bill also.

We can offer different colours configured lighting system as you prefer. And we set it depending on your home wall paintings and office wall colours so it will give a fresh modern shade to your house. Or else if you want to control the light systems of more than one room at once then we can include that feature also in your package. So once you go to bed you can give commands to turn off the lights in the whole house at once.

And just assume you can’t find the remote control device of your lighting system and you can’t reach the switch of the wall fixed control system also then we have other feature as voice detection control system. You can give specific commands especially to turn on the lights, turn off the lights, to make the lights brighter shade and to make the lights less brightness etc. Based on the different room areas we can configure it to do different actions.


And also if you prefer to have a centralised lighting system with modern and fancy switch control system for your newly constructing home then we are ready to help you. All you have to do is reveal your wish to our VackerGlobal engineers. If you have a swimming pool area and we can fix a wireless lighting system which gives an especial shade to water also in the night time.

We can ensure our lighting system will give peace in mind, entertainment, modern look for your home, comfort, conveniences and relaxation.

Our lighting system doesn’t have any limits or boundaries. Please contact our nearest office and explain your requirements for customised solutions for each of our customers with a competitive price range.

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