Oil Heater

There are different types of oil heaters viz. direct oil type and indirect oil type. Our major types are classified as below:

  1. Oil heaters for livestock, poultry farms, dairy farms.
  2. Central oil heaters with ducts.
  3. Oil heaters for construction sites.
  4. Oil heaters for agriculture, indoor farming, greenhouses.
  5. Oil heaters for warehouses and halls.

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In the Middle East, we serve the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

Also, we supply to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.