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These are electric steam humidifiers for humidification capacity from 2.5kg/hour to 104 kg/hour. These industrial humidifiers are Electrovap MC series and RTH series humidifiers manufactured by Devatec, France. The operation principle is the conversion of water into steam using electric power. The steam will be sprayed into rooms through steel pipes. Typical applications of these industrial humidifiers are for various industrial applications including cold storage room, walk-in freezer, warehouses, furnace areas, etc. Since these are especially useful for cold areas, these are also known as cold room storage humidifiers.

These are highly suited for cold rooms since normal water mist can easily be converted into ice, thus reducing humidity further. Instead, steam will slightly melt existing ice inside the cold room. This will aid in increasing the humidity further.

Normal water without much of mineral content, demineralized R/o or softened water can be used. Water supply under normal pressure is sufficient for this purpose. If the water pressure is above 6.0 bar, a pressure reducing valve should be used.

A warranty period of 2 years from the date of supply is applicable for Electrovap MC humidifiers against manufacturing defects.

Electrovap MC2 series steam humidifiers

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The ELMC models are for a range of 5 kg/hour to 100 kg/hour and come in different configurations as below:

  1. Model with 1 small water cylinder
  2. Model with 1 large water cylinder
  3. Model with 2 cylinders
  4. Model with 3 cylinders

The ELMC series industrial humidifiers use electrodes to heat up water to convert to steam. The models are available in 230VAC, 1 Phase or 400V, 3 Phase systems.

In the ELMC series, a compact version also is available for capacity from 1 Kg/hour to 4 kg/hour. These are simple models without display.

Features of MC2 series Industrial humidifier:

  1. Accept all type of normal water.
  2. Conductivity from 30 to 1000 μS/cm.
  3. Disposable and cleanable cylinders.
  4. Easy to operate and install without special equipment.
  5. Can be connected to BMS with common protocols such as Modbus protocol.
  6. Stainless steel waste water tank for draining facilities.
  7. All the models are certified to CE and US standards.

Electrovap RTH series steam humidifiers (cold room storage humidifier)

The RTH series is for range from 2.5 kg/hr to 100 kg/hr and come in different models. The major feature of RTH series is that it comes with a pivoting tank for easy and fast maintenance. The RTH series use resistance to heat up water. These are fitted with incoloy heating elements.

Also, RTH-LC series is a compact version for smaller capacities from 2.5 kg to 17 kg per hour.

Both the above models operate with normal tap water unless it is contaminated. For areas where the water is contaminated or hard, you can use softened water.

Features of RTH series industrial humidifier:
  1. Accept all type of normal water.
  2. Over temperature protection to switch OFF the steam humidifier in the case of high temperature, thus preventing any damage to the machine.
  3. A Signal accuracy of +/- 2%.
  4. Self-cleaning heating elements in Incoloy.
  5. Includes a flexible calcius collecting bag for residual removal.
  6. Can be connected to BMS using popular protocols such as BACnet, Modbus etc. (optional).
  7. Cooling kit to cool down the water before draining (optional).

For using a steam humidifier as a cold room storage humidifier, the machine is kept outside the cold storage and the steel pipes go into the room. For use in a warehouse, the machine can be kept inside the warehouse as well.

How to calculate the required capacity of a humidifier

In order to calculate the required model of the steam humidifier, we need to calculate the required humidification capacity. Present temperature, present humidity in RH%, required humidity and room size are required to calculate the humidification capacity. For cold room storage humidifier, the required capacity will be much higher than the same sized warehouse room. This is because, at lower temperature levels, more moisture particles per cubic meter are required than at a higher temperature level.

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