Temperature Mapping Study

Temperature mapping graphTemperature Mapping study is a process to study and investigate the temperature conveyance inside a room. This is for the most part relevant for pharma industry for the capacity of medicines. Temperature mapping study is also known as T-mapping which is carried out for various assets and used for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products such as medicines, vaccines, body cells and tissues, food items, etc.

What is the temperature mapping study?

This study is an analysis of a closed environment which is maintained under controlled temperature conditions using cooling or heating equipment. The idea is to find out that the temperature is uniformly distributed inside the environment as per the specified requirements.

How is temperature mapping study carried out?

The basic idea is to collect temperature data continuously over a period of time to analyze and find out the results. In order to do this, temperature data loggers are required to record the data. The data loggers are placed around the entire area in a systematic pattern to record the data over a specified period under various operational conditions. After the specified time, the data is downloaded and analyzed.

Temperature mapping study procedureThe analysis is carried out under different climatic conditions to analyze the behaviour in different climatic conditions.

Which are the assets requiring temperature mapping study?

Normally a mapping study and analysis is carried out for Vans, Vehicles, Reefers, Cold Rooms, Fridge, Freezer, Warehouses, Boxes etc. which are used for transportation and storage of medicines, vaccines, blood, tissues etc.

Also, this study is carried out for controlled hot conditions such as an autoclave, furnace, etc. to ensure uniformity of the temperature.

What are the typical results of temperature mapping study?

The typical results of the study are as below:

  1. Hot and cold points which are the hottest and coldest points in the areaTemperature mapping refrigerartor
  2. Temperature distribution graphs
  3. The behaviour of the area in the event of a power failure
  4. The behaviour of the area when a door is opened
  5. Risk analysis of the asset
  6. Locations for placing continuous monitoring instruments (if applicable)

What is a Temperature and Humidity Mapping study

All the procedure and analysis of Temperature and Humidity Mapping study are exactly similar to a temperature mapping study. However, in this case, data for temperature and humidity have to be collected during the entire duration and analyzed. During a mapping study, the ambient data also is collected to analyze the results with reference to the change in climatic conditions

How do you know whether humidity also to be mapped?

Temperature mapping reefer truckCheck the products being stored by you. Check with the specified storage conditions defined by the manufacturer of these goods. If the manufacturer defined that the products should be stored under certain humidity levels, then you should go for temperature and humidity mapping study. If the manufacturer is specifying only the temperature, the humidity may not be of importance. Please note that temperature and humidity can be analysed together and in case of doubt, you may preferably go for both temperature & humidity.

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