Light Data Logger


Lux Data Logger with external light sensor

Light data loggers are useful to continuously record the lux level of lights. There will be a light sensor along with with a recording circuit to measure and record the light. We are supplying light data loggers to record any level of lux or lumen measurement. Another name for these data loggers is lux data loggers or lumen data loggers.

Light data logger for lighting design

In various applications of lighting design, designers use light data loggers. They use it to continuously record the lux levels to check the uniformity of light distribution. Typical such applications are street lights, stadium lighting, race course lighting, runway lighting etc. The lux data logger for this purpose is a very small battery-powered device. It has an external light sensor. It records up to 1,000,000 readings. The user can set recording intervals such as 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.

Light data logger for transportationLight-data-logger-USA-Europe-Australia-MiddleEast-Africa

During transportation, the shipper can place a battery-operated light data logger inside the container, box etc. If anybody opens the container or box, the data logger records the same. This is a foolproof method to check whether your shipment has been tampered with. If it happens, you can check the date and time of such an incident.

This will help you to support your insurance claims as well. We supply extremely small lux data loggers for this purpose. The data logger is very small and very sensitive. Hence the shipper can hide this device far away from the container door.


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Lux data logger for light-sensitive items


Light Data Logger MS 04002

There are many applications involving the storage and transportation of light-sensitive products such as certain chemicals, photographic elements etc. The user can place a data logger for such applications to continuously monitor the light exposure. We have Bluetooth-based light data loggers as well. Hence the transfer of data is easy through any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Light data logger product code MS-04002

This is our most compact model of the data logger. It has a measurement range from 0 to 65 000 lux, with maximum sensitivity at 500 nm. It has a recording interval from one sample every 1 second up to one sample every 12 hours. You can opt for internal or external sensors. The first version comes with internal light sensors. Alternatively, you can opt for the second version with an external light sensor with a cable length of up to 1.6 meters.

You will have to decide the type of light sensor while placing the order. This model also has a vibration data logger. Hence, this is ideal for transportation involving recording temperature, humidity, light, vibration etc. It has a memory capacity of 2,000,000 readings. The data transfer is through a USB connection to a computer.


Bluetooth Light Data Logger MS 04001

Bluetooth light data logger product code MS-04001

This lux data logger can transfer data through Bluetooth to a connected smart device. Most of the other parameters are similar to the previous model. However, this model has a small screen also for displaying the graph of readings. The memory capacity is 1,000,000 readings. This also comes in two versions viz. either internal or external sensors.

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