Flood Monitoring Systems

flood-monitoring-systemWe provide various types of commercial flood monitoring systems to generate alerts. We have numerous models with phone and SMS alerts. Flooding is a general problem for commercial buildings which can cause lots of damage to the properties. Many statistics show that many warehouses and basements are troubled by water leaks and flooding regularly.

It takes a lot of money and time to repair the damage caused to the property caused by flooding. VackerGlobal brings the most advanced flood monitoring systems that will alert the user of flooding instantly. The alarm system consists of real-time SMS messaging, a phone call as well as a siren system. This will help the user to stop the water breakage as quickly as possible and minimize the overall damage.

Types of Flood monitoring and advanced alert systems

We provide various types of monitoring systems for water leak and flood monitoring. A few of them are listed below:

  1. The first type is standalone sensors with their own SIM card-based alert systems. These are useful for small areas, data centres, houses, warehouses etc. One system will have two sensors connected to it. It will come with spot sensors or leak detection cables. This system basically senses water beyond a particular level. It will generate phone calls and SMS alerts. It is also possible to connect a local siren.
  2. BMS connected flood detection system. This will be an advanced version of the above one with connectivity. You can also connect to a cloud-based server for remote monitoring. This also will have phone calls or SMS alerts.
  3. The third system is for monitoring water in a wide area. This will require a multitude of sensors and cables. This can have an optional system to measure the level of water in case of a flood. This system will have a monitoring screen that you can view remotely. We can provide a user interface that will indicate the water levels at various locations.
  4. Also as a variation of the above, we can provide IoT-connected flood monitoring systems across different parts of a city to continuously monitor the chances of flooding in other areas.
  5. For IoT-connected systems, we can also provide data analytics. This also AI to make different data modelling as it learns more data every year. This will provide predictive data modelling for flooding of large areas. We can also connect water level sensors of nearby rivers so that it is possible to study the whole scenario.
  6. We provide flood monitoring systems for Airports. Different areas of an airport will have different tolerance levels for water levels. However, we have to continuously monitor all of them. This is to ensure that the critical areas are not affected. Hence we use a combination of different sensors to monitor different areas.

Type of alerts for the flood detection system

We recommend installing the following alerts in case of the occurrence of a flood:

    1. A local siren in the vicinity of the building such as a guard room with at least 120 decibel sound level. You can decide the sound level based on the proximity of the people. You may have different areas having such flood monitoring sensors. Hence, you should have a central monitoring panel, which will indicate the exact location of the flood. Such a system will ensure fast local corrective action.
    2. The second alert system should be a phone call alert system. This system should generate a phone call to your service personnel. This should be preferable with a SIM card. It should not be a network-based type of phone calling system. A network-based system has lesser reliability. In case of flood or water leakage, the server may not work and hence the calling system will not work at all. It is ideal to have a calling system that operates on battery backup. In such a case, it will work even if the power fails.
      In case of a flood, it is very much possible that the power will automatically shut down. We provide a phone call alert system, which makes phone calls for up to 10 operators. You can program the system for different operators. Few of them can receive a voice call, certain other people can receive SMS alerts etc.
      The system calls one by one and when they attend the call they will hear a custom-recorded voice message. The customer can record this voice message, which will indicate the type of fault, location of the flood etc. If the first operator does not pick up the call, it will call the second person etc. It is also possible to program the device in such a way that everyone will receive the call even if all of them pick up the call. If no one attends the call, it will call everyone once again.
    3. The system should also generate an SMS alert indicating the location and nature of the fault. Even if a person receives the phone call and could not listen to the recorded voice clearly, he can still read the SMS.
    4. Lastly, an email message also will be useful to record the event. This will help you to keep the location, time of occurrence etc. We can generate an email alert to any number of people. We do not recommend email as an alert system because it will not act as an instant alert. The system will generate an email instantly, but you may not read it instantly.
We can provide any or all of the above alerts based on your requirement. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

What are the causes of the flood?

Generally, when we say flood it means a natural disaster that is caused due to heavy rains. But flooding can be caused not only naturally but also due to human causes.
Naturally occurring floods can be generally more dangerous but floods caused due to humans also can be equally damaging. The bursting of pipe in a water supply system is the most common reason for flooding due to man. Leakage in a water heating system of a building is one of the major reasons for flood in a building.

While naturally occurring floods are very hard to stop floods that are caused due to man-made things can be stopped or at least the damage can be reduced with our flood monitoring systems. Our flood monitoring systems are available across the world.
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Working Principle of Flood Monitoring Systemsalert-system-vackerglobal-flood-monitoring

Flood Monitoring Systems are a boon to mankind in that they can help prevent or combat major losses incurred due to floods. Since time immemorial, floods have been known to cause major damage to mankind, flora, fauna, man-made structures as well as natural habitats.

More often than not, this damage is irreversible and permanent. Lives have been lost and families destroyed! VackerGlobal understands how important it is to combine technology with nature’s workflow so as to warn beforehand of any such calamity.

The main components of VackerGlobal’s flood monitoring systems are its sensors. The sensors are deployed near the systems that involve water circulation such as a water heater or a drainage system. These sensors can detect the overflow of water and then send signals to set up the alarm.

We can connect the waterflood detection system to a Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA for centralized monitoring. Advanced systems can also indicate the exact location of a flood and the level of water.

Various forms of alert systems can be used for the notification of potential danger. Usually, Vacker allows its clients to decide the mode of the alert system they would prefer. Below listed are a few of the alerts that can be generated:

  1. A phone call or SMS: This is the most common model being used to generate automated real-time alerts in the case of flood monitoring systems. The SMS or phone call would also give further details such as time of occurrence, etc.
  2. Siren: Another common form of an alert, a loud siren would be generated when the water level exceeds the user-defined threshold.
  3. Email: Emails could also be sent in addition to the above two methods, notifying the user of a potential threat.

Prevention of flood in homeswater-sensing-cable-for-flood-monitoring-dubai-uae

Man-made floods occur due to faults occurring in water heaters, washing machines, plumbing systems, etc. Such floods can be prevented by regular plumbing and maintenance. It is also necessary for people to have flood insurance that will help the people in their time of need.

Naturally occurring floods are very hard to prevent and they can occur at any time. Having some basic plans and preparation can prevent loss due to naturally occurring floods. First of all, while making buildings it is wise to make them in a location that has a relatively lower chance of flooding.
The family also must have an emergency plan to protect valuable goods and life during the time of flooding. The flood monitoring system is the best solution for people to get aware of the coming problem. Flood monitoring systems have proven not only to protect properties but protect the life of people.

Product Description of Flood detection and alert system

  1. Brief Title of the device: Commerical and Industrial Flood detection with SMS, Email and Phone (optional) alerts.
  2. Brief Description of the device:  This flood detection system works over WiFi or Ethernet. It has sensor cables which detect floods. It generates Email, SMS and Phone (optional) alerts.
  3. Model number: VAC-WLD2
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1012000044
  7. Price (USD): 1870.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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Other Monitoring Systems supplied by Vackerwater-sensing-cable-used-for-flood-water-monitoring

Our flood monitoring systems are the most competent monitoring systems available in the market. Vacker Group supplies other monitoring systems along with flood monitoring systems. We provide various types of flood detection systems such as resistance cable type and Conductive type-level probes with Titanium electrodes and ceramic holders. Our other monitoring system includes:

  1. Water leakage monitoring system
  2. Water level monitoring system
  3. Room pressure monitoring system
  4. Cold room monitoring system
  5. Data center and server room monitoring system
  6. Clean room monitoring system
  7. Energy consumption monitoring system
  8. Freezer and refrigerator monitoring system
  9. Warehouse monitoring system
  10. CO monitoring system
  11. IP Based monitoring system
  12. Environment monitoring system
  13. Temperature monitoring system
  14. The motor fault monitoring system
  15. HVAC fault monitoring system
  16. Pumping fault monitoring system
  17. Conveyor belt fault monitoring system
  18. Humidity monitoring system

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