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Commercial Dehumidifier Vacker Global

A commercial dehumidifier is used for reducing the humidity of commercial areas of huge size. These can be commercial buildings, cinema, auditorium, libraries, museum etc. All these places are huge in area and will require commercial dehumidifiers of big capacity. In some of these cases, duct dehumidifiers may be required. Duct humidifiers are commercial humidifiers connected through a duct system of HVAC system for air

How to select commercial dehumidifier?

Condensation dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers can be used as commercial dehumidifiers and duct dehumidifiers. You may consider the following parameters while selecting a commercial dehumidifier:

  1. You have to decide whether you require connection with ducts to use as a duct dehumidifier. In such case, you have to check the connection arrangements for outlet and inlet.
  2. You have to calculate the required dehumidification capacity. You may use our free calculator for calculating the capacity. Based on this calculation you can select the correct model.
  3. You have to check the installation requirements. Accordingly, you can select floor mounted or wall mounted models. Most of the models are floor mounted types. Wall mounted models are not possible for high capacity since the dehumidifier will be huge in size.
  4. If you are selecting a condensation model, you have to make provision for drainaDuct Dehumidifier Vacker Globalge. If you want to pump water to a higher level, you can opt for a water pump. These are supplied as optional items.
  5. If you are selecting a desiccant model commercial dehumidifier, you have to make provision for wet air outlet. The wet air has to be sent to the outdoor air. Hence, you will have to make provision for directing wet air out of the room. Also, most of the higher capacity models have an air intake also. This is required for neutralizing pressure and better efficiency. This means you will need two air pipes which will go out of the room.
  6. Depending on the size of the room, you can select a model with higher air flow capacity. This is apart from the dehumidification capacity. A better air flow capacity will facilitate better circulation of air around a big place.
  7. Both duct dehumidifier and a commercial dehumidifier can be placed out of the room under shades. However, we do not recommend keeping on the rooftop in the middle east countries since they cannot work under extreme temperatures.
  8. If you need heating requirement for dehumidifiers, you may select a model with a heating feature.

Commercial Dehumidifier TTK 400

TTK 400 is a medium range commercial dehumidifier suitable for all medium dehumidification capacity. Major features of this model are listed below:

  1. The dehumidification performance at 20 °C and 60 % RH is 30 liter per hour.
  2. The dehumidification performance at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 liter per hour.
  3. Maximum  Dehumidification performance is 75liter per hour.
  4. Maximum air volume is 420 m³/h.
  5. Recommended room size for construction drying is 470 m³.
  6. Recommended room size for dry keeping 940 m³.
  7. The dehumidifier can work in a temperature range from 0 to 40°C.
  8. The dehumidifier can work in a humidity range from 35 to 100% RH.
  9. It operates in an electrical mains connection of 230 V/50 Hz.
  10. It has a nominal current consumption of 6.9 Ampere.
  11. Type of cooling agent is  R-407C.
  12. Sound value at a distance of 1 meter is 59 dB(A).
  13. Sound value at a distance of 3 meters is 56 dB(A).
  14. Dimensions of this commercial dehumidifier are  480 mm Length x 510 mm Width x 854 mm Height.
  15. The weight of the machine is 44 kg without packing.

Duct dehumidifier model DH 300 BH

commercialdehumidifer performance chart vacker global

Please find here under details of our duct dehumidifier model DH 300 BH.

  1. Very high dehumidification performance of 520 liters per day.
  2. Maximum air volume of 5,800 cubic meters per hour.
  3. Operating ranges from 15°C to +70 °C and 30%RH to 90%RH.
  4. Corrosion protected design for industrial environments.
  5. An electrical voltage of 400 Volt AC, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
  6. Type of cooling agent is R-134A.
  7. A condensate pump is optionally available.
  8. The weight of the machine is 170 kg.
  9. Can be used for drying purposes in a process industry.

If you want to compare the commercial type dehumidifiers, you can see the pdf file here:
Comparison of commercial condensation type dehumidifiers

Our Dehumidifier Dubai division undertakes design, supply and installation of all types of dehumidification systems. For all your requirements of commercial dehumidifiers and duct dehumidifiers, please contact us.