Greenhouse Temperature & Humidity control


Generally, greenhouses are used to store plants which require special maintenance and care. Usually, these are grown inside greenhouses which control the climates and atmosphere as per the plant’s condition mainly because these plants cannot fight with external environmental situations. So VackerGlobal offers special humidifier for greenhouses which can control temperature, humidity level and maintain the dryness inside the greenhouse.

Mist cooling for greenhouses

Mist cooling involves generating fine mist from the water. Different technologies are useful for this type of mist generation. The small ones operate on adiabatic technology. The adiabatic method also makes the atmosphere a bit colder. The bigger ones consist of a piping system across the greenhouse. The mist generation is through the pressurised method. Pressurised water when released through nozzles also makes the air cooler.

Advantages of Greenhouse Humidifiers


VackerGlobal Greenhouse Humidifier helps to assess humidity level around the area and it is mainly helpful for tropical plants. And also if it is maintaining too much wetness in the air it can be harmful to the plants and also it can grow fungus. So VackerGlobal provides greenhouse humidifier to avoid all such issues and maintain precise humidity level inside the room.

Some of the plants in the greenhouses require more cooling temperature compared with the other plants, so for the plants requires more cooling VackerGlobal greenhouse humidifier has a special extra cooling system with 100% evaporative vapour. So we green-house-water-control-systemprovide a customised system for different types of plants. Once a customer requests a humidifier we will consider which types of plants are growing inside the greenhouse and based on that our sales team will recommend a suitable model.

Our VackerGlobal greenhouse humidifier we offer the special feature of spraying. So for the plants which require spraying chemicals or fertilizer then it will automatically spray along with the fog to the air and there is no need of spraying things separately. Only what you have to do is to fix the system as it will automatically spray the required ingredients so eventually it will reduce the workload for the plant maintains team and also it will save time.

Cooling of the greenhouse with chilled water & air circulation

In this method, we provide a chilled water system. Using a couple of air circulators, we will be spraying a mist over the cold coils. This reduces the temperature inside the greenhouse during the summer months. As you are aware, the Middle East countries have a temperature of around 50°C during the summer months. This system will save you energy to cool down the interiors of indoor farming.indoor-farming-cooling-control-system

Heating of the greenhouse with hot water & air circulation

During the winter months, the temperature goes down below 10°C and sometimes even below 2°C. In this case, we will heat up the same coils to provide hot air. Thus we will be able to maintain uniform temperature even during the winter. Hence you can plant summer crops during the winter too. In both cases, the same system will be used along with water spray systems.

Since it is regarding plants you have to be more careful about the level of humidity


it requires and if accidentally humidifier is adjusted to issue more humidity to the plants which require less humidity then the whole set of plantations will die and cause a loss for the people. So when choosing and fixing the humidifier it has to be easy handling and less confusing user-friendly machine.

Our greenhouse humidifier comes with different sizes and models so what you want to order will depend on the size of your greenhouse and which types of plants you grow inside the greenhouse. And our VackerGlobal sales team is always ready to help you with specialized advice to select a mist-spray-cooling-for-indoor-farm-greenhousesuitable humidifier. And it is easy to install and operate for any type of person and easy to move from one place to another.

All that you have to do is just to drop an enquiry to our VackerGlobal sales team and reveal your requirements and we are ready to help you.

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