About Us

Vacker is an Engineering company providing various technical solutions to sense, measure and control technical parameters. We serve clients in segments covering pharma, lifecare, food processing, logistics, airports, commercial buildings etc. We provide custom designed solutions incorporating hardware and software. Our software division (www.vacker360.com) develops custom software for automation, monitoring and IoT solutions. UAE Division of Vacker Group of Companies operates from its main office in Deira, Dubai.Vacker-Happy-company-Dubai

Activities of UAE division of Vacker

Major activities of UAE division are:

Vacker also operates in other countries with a wider range of activities covering Robotics, Home & Office automation, Electro-Mechanical contracting and interior fit-out contracting. Vacker provides various customized engineering solutions. Vacker has recently tied up with international manufacturers to offer Internet of Things solutions in the Middle East.

Our customers in the Middle East region include Emirates Airlines, Etisalat, DP World, Dubai Petroleum, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways etc. to name a few.Vacker-happy-company

The software division of Vacker develops IoT Applications, custom software including ERP, CRM etc. and also offers Digital Marketing services. Please visit our website Vacker360 for more details.

Offices of Vacker Group

Presently Vacker has it’s direct or associate offices in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and India.

How do we see the future

Vacker has achieved its growth over the years through commitment in quality to each and every customer. Vacker encourages teamwork among team members, thus providing a healthy working environment. Vacker believes that a happy customer can be generated only by a happy employee and hence gives topmost priority to a healthy working culture.