Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy monitoring systems consist of recorders for different parameters of consumption of electricity.

Energy Recorder for energy managementportable-energy-monitoring-device

Sustainability has long been an important issue for our communities. The Middle East has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world and so we need to work even harder to conserve energy and take actions to preserve the environment.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Energy Recorders. Energy Recorders provide precise information about energy and voltages. Being a quality-oriented company, we manufacture and supply Energy Recorders that are in conformation with industry standards. Energy Recorders are designed as per the latest market trends and demands, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Saving energy on your utility bills shouldn’t be a sacrifice. It shouldn’t require you to adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle or live completely off the grid. Thankfully, energy management technologies and systems have made it possible to conserve without creating discomfort. There are a variety of smart home solutions that can help your household run more efficiently and consume less power. Saving energy isn’t hard if you have the right tools.

Vacker Global provides a smarter way to manage your home or office, allowing you to live more comfortably and securely, all the while saving your money each month.

Voltage, Current and Power Data Loggers (or Recorders)smart-electricity-meter-vacker

We offer a variety of data loggers that are suitable for measurement of AC voltage and current. We have models that come with built-in transducers to support a specific voltage and/or current range. If you have to monitor a mix of AC and DC voltage and/or current inputs, we have a great selection of Universal Input Data Loggers.

  1. AC Voltage Data Loggers

    We offer several models of data loggers for the measurement of AC voltage including low-cost single channel loggers, multichannel loggers designed specifically for AC voltage measurements and universal input loggers that can measure AC voltage along with many other parameters such as temperature.

  2. AC Current Data Loggers

    We offer models that are designed to monitor general trends by taking a number of samples of a single AC cycle and then reporting the average, min and max over multiple cycles. We also offer high-speed units that sample much faster and are designed to capture spikes and other past events.

  3. energy-monitoring-system vackerAC Power Data Loggers

    We carry several different models of loggers for AC power that can be used for equipment monitoring, energy conservation studies or testing. We offer units that provide simple V-A measurements and others that record VAR, PF and other parameters. We can also configure simpler units which utilize watt transducers for less demanding applications.

Network connected, wireless remote energy monitors

Wireless energy monitors provide a real-time display of your energy usage. They can be used to track individual appliances, or an entire home or businesses energy cost and consumption trends.

Why consider ‘Wireless Energy Monitoring’?

Against the backdrop of increasing energy prices, all organisations need to deliver better services for less cost to compete and, despite the burden of carbon offsets, energy management is an area where cost savings are genuinely achievable and sustainable. Using an energy monitor is a great way to measure your current energy usage and may even encourage you to use less.

Split Core Current transformers for electric power monitoringenergy-monitoring-vacker

Current Transformers are a cost-effective way to measure current and power consumption. Split Core Standard CTs provide a linear output voltage that is directly proportional to the input current. These current transformers are safely and easily installed over existing electrical power lines without disconnecting the lines or interrupting service.

Vacker Global provides specialist energy management services. Our energy monitoring components are used for a variety of applications including building automation, tenant sub-metering, performance verification, energy management, and new technology assessment. With a wealth of experience of remote monitoring and managing multiple sites, compelling evidence of carbon reduction, we confidently offer complete energy management services and integrated products to a wide client base.

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