Single use USB data loggers

Single use temperature data loggers are for recording temperature only for one trip. This is disposable-usb-data-logger-autogenerates-reportsgenerally used to record the temperature of sensitive goods such as medicine, vaccine, good, fruits, vegetables etc. When a user sends such a consignment, he can simply place this disposable data logger in the consignment. When the customer receives this consignment he can simply insert this single use data logger into a computer and it will automatically generate pdf and excel reports without the need of any special software.

Single use temperature data loggersingle-use-data-logger-operation-method-infographic

As we can use this only once, it is generally termed as a disposable data logger. To start the recording, the user has to press the start button. Then it starts recording continuously. It has a memory capacity of 7928 readings.

The recording will automatically stop under one of these conditions:

  1. The memory is full after recording 7928 readings. This means if the sampling interval is 5 minutes, it will last for 27 days. If the sampling interval is 10 minutes, it will last 54 days and so on.
  2. Stopping the recording is by pressing the stop button.
  3. If the user inserts the data logger into a computer, the recording stops and the recorded data is downloaded.single-use-usb-data-logger-sealed

Major features of Disposable data logger

The major features of this data logger are explained here:

  1. This is a simple plug-and-play device and does not require any special software to download the data.
  2. The user can simply insert the same into a computer and it automatically generates pdf, csv and txt reports. The user does not need any special software in his computer. He will require a pdf reader to read pdf reports. He can use MS Excel or any other similar software to open the CSV report. Even if the user does not have any of this software, he can open the txt reports. There is a free text reader available in all computers and he can use the same.
  3. It is possible to program 2 upper alarms and 2 lower alarms in the data logger. The user can provide us with these details and we will program the same while supplying. The customer also can easily program the same using our free software.
  4. There are 5 LED alert indicators on the disposable data logger which will blink if the temperature exceeds the alert levels. Hence at the receiving end the user can simply look at the LED indicators to understand whether the temperature ever went above the permitted levels. If the green LED continues to blink, it means that the temperature has been always within the limit. If the red indicators blink, it means that the temperature went above the permitted levels. If the blue indicators blink, it indicates that the temperature went below the permitted temperature levels.disposable-data-loggger-sample-reports
  5. The customer does not have to purchase different models for different durations such as 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days etc. The same model is programmable for any duration.
  6. The sampling interval or recording frequency is programmable from 5 seconds to 17 hours. If the recording frequency is 5 minutes, the recording will last 27 days. IF the recording frequency is 15 minutes, it will last 81 days and so on.
  7. There are two models available in this series. The first model does not have a calibration certificate. The second model has a NIST traceable inbuilt calibration certificate. The automatically generated pdf report includes this calibration report as well. For the first model, we will be providing a factory test certificate. We test each logger before despatch.

How to use the single use temperature data logger?

Following is a brief explanation on the usage of this single-use data loggers.

  1. During the ordering process, you can provide us with the details regarding sampling interval, high and low alert levels etc. In such case, we will program and supply in individual sealed plastic pouches.single-use-usb-temperature-data-logger
  2. If you want without programming, we can supply same accordingly. In this case, we will be supplying the empty plastic pouches also. After programming, you have to seal the same properly to avoid water ingress.
  3. Press the start button to commence the recording. Place the data logger inside the consignment. All the LED indicators will blink from one end to the other end indicating that the recording has started.
  4. When the consignment reaches the destination, the receiver has to remove the data logger.
  5. Open the pouch and insert into any window based computer. Now go to ‘My computer’ and you will see this device as a USB drive. Open this drive and you will see all the reports.
Point to note while using  disposable USB data logger

While using these disposable data loggers, following precautions may be required.

  1. The battery runs out in 1 year. It is best to use these disposable data loggers within 6 months of purchase to ensure that the battery does not run out. After completing the recording you might want to keep it or send to another person. Considering all these, we recommend using the same within 6-8 months from the date of purchase.
  2. It is a good practice to set a delay period before starting. This will ensure that while pressing the start button, it does not record your hand temperature. Also if you start in the room temperature and keep in a cool box, it will take some time to settle at the correct temperature. The temperature recorded during this period may not be exact. Hence we recommend keeping a delay period of 10 minutes.

Vacker Dubai supplies various types of Single-use disposable data loggers for cold chain management.