Construction site Dryers & Dehumidifiers

Construction dryers are used to reduce humidity in construction sites. These are heavy-duty machines suitable for continuous operation. Construction dryers are commonly used in high humid countries for construction sites. The workers will get dehydrated under such

Hence, it is ideal to use a construction dryer so that humidity can be maintained. The main difference from industrial dehumidifiers is that this may not require hygrostats. The hygrostat is used to adjust the desired humidity. In a construction site, this may not be relevant, since it is an open area and humidity needs to be continuously reduced.

Features of construction dehumidifier VAC-DH-300

  1. The construction dehumidifier model VAC-DH-300 is self-contained with fully automatic operation.
  2. It has an Integral humidistat which is easily operable.
  3. The evaporator and condenser are polyester coated.
  4. The cabinet is Plastisol coated galvanized steel.
  5. It can operate at very low-temperature operation utilizing reverse cycle defrost.

Options available for of construction dehumidifier VAC-DH-300

  1. For better operations, we can provide a high-pressure fan.
  2. If you want filtration of the return air, a return air filter can be fitted.
  3. If you want to pump the condensed water, an optional condensate pump is required.
  4. Soft start facility can be incorporated for the compressor.
  5. Optional top discharge box can be provided to suit your installation requirements.
  6. For energy efficiency, heat recovery to water can be provided.
  7. The condenser unit can be made into an external unit.
  8. The humidistat for controlling the humidity can be remotely placed.
Construction Dryer Counter VackerGlobal

Construction Dryer Counter

Specifications of construction dehumidifier VAC-DH-300

  1. Operating temperature range is -15 to +35 degrees Celsius.
  2. Dehumidification at 30 degrees Celsius, 60% relative humidity is 300 litres per 24 hours.
  3. Heat recovered to air at 30 degrees Celsius, 60% relative humidity is 14.7 kilowatts.
  4. Airflow is 5000 cubic metre per hour.
  5. External static pressure is 60Pa.
  6. Sound pressure level at 3 metres is 66dB(A).
  7. The refrigerant of VAC-DH-300BY is R407c.
  8. The power supply is 400 Volt, Three-phase, 50 Hz.
  9. Nominal power consumption is 6.7 kilowatts.
  10. FLA of VAC-DH-300BY is 19A.
  11. Maximum supply fuse is 24A.
  12. LRA (compressor start) is 101A.
  13. LRA (compressor soft-start) is 34A.
  14. Product size (w x d x h) is 980 x 826 x 1475 millimetres.
  15. Weight of VAC-DH-300BY is 220 kilograms.
  16. Condensate drain size (flexible plastic hose) 1½ BSPM inch.

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Product Description of Construction Site Dehumidifier

  1. Brief Title of the device: Dehumidifier for reducing humidity at construction sites, suitable for continuous operations.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Heavy-duty dehumidifier for continuous operation at a construction site. These are condensation dehumidifiers for reducing humidity at open areas like construction sites.
  3. Model number: VAC-DH-300
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1001000122
  7. Price (AED): 55500.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

In the Middle East, we supply construction dehumidifiers in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.
In Africa, we supply construction dehumidifiers in countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

Also, we supply construction dehumidifiers to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.