Leak detection

We are providing various types of leak monitoring and detection systems for various commercial and industrial applications. These systems use different types of sensors for the detection of a leak.

Types of leak monitoring, detection and alert systems

We provide portable instruments and real-time monitoring systems for leak detection. Our various types of leak alert systems are listed below:

  1. Acid leak detection

    Acid leak detection system monitors and detects for leakage of any acids.
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  2. Ammonia leak detection

    Ammonia is commonly used in many industrial applications and leakage is harmful. This can be monitored using an Ammonia leak monitoring system.
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  3. Battery Acid leak detection

    Battery rooms need monitoring for leakage of battery acids including lead-acid batteries.
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  4. Brine leak detection

    Brine is a highly concentrated water containing sodium chloride. Brine leakage detection is possible through a proper monitoring system.
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  5. Carbon Monoxide (CO) leak detection

    Carbon monoxide detection is very commonly used in commercial and residential buildings and is becoming a standard requirement. CO sensors connected through an alert system form a CO leak detection system.
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  6. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) leak detection

    Carbon dioxide is excessively formed in many industrial environments and requires special monitoring systems.
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  7. Freon Leak Detection

    Freon is a commonly used gas in industrial applications. Freon leak monitoring system consists of freon sensors connected through a control panel.
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  8. Fuel leak detection

    Fuel such as Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene etc. require special leakage monitoring systems using fuel sensors.
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  9. Gas Leak detection panel

    Various types of industrial gases cause damage to the environment and living beings in the event of a leak. It requires advanced gas leak detection systems.
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  10. H2S Leak detection panel

    Various types of industries use Hydrogen Suphide and leakage is a serious issue. We provide advanced H2S leak detection systems.
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  11. Hydrocarbon leak detection

    Hydrocarbons are produced as a byproduct in different industrial environments. We provide monitoring and leak detection of hydrocarbons.
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  12. Oil Leak detection

    Oil leak detection involves the detection of various types of industrial oil, fuel etc.
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  13. Pressure Leak detection

    Pressure leak detection is required for liquids and gases. This is a common application in commercial buildings and industrial applications.
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  14. Radio Active material leak detection

    Portable devices and fixed type of monitoring systems are available for detection of leakage of radioactive materials.
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  15. Refrigerant leak detection

    Different types of refrigerants are used in heating and cooling equipment. Real-time monitoring systems are used for leakage detection of refrigerants.
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  16. Water Leak Detection alert systems

    Water leak detection is very common in all types of applications. We have portable instruments as well as grid type water leak detection systems.
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Vacker supplies all kinds of leakage detection systems throughout the Middle East and African countries.
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