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Warehouse dehumidifier Dubai DH150AXHumidity causes different range of issues away zones, for example, harm to an immense scope of structures, equipment, accessories, stocks and yes to the material put away in such warehouses. A warehouse that has high humidity affects everything that is stored in it. It is essential to keep the right humidity levels in warehouses to maintain the right moisture level. This is required to have a safe and healthy environment for storage. A dehumidifier helps you to control the humidity level under such circumstances without affecting the storage. There are many kinds of warehouse dehumidifiers available. As warehouses are usually larger spaces and when those spaces are not climate controlled, it is good to install a dehumidifier with a desiccant or a refrigerant unit depending upon the temperature level of the warehouse.how-to-select-industrial-commercial-dehumidifier

At cooler temperatures below 10°C, a refrigerant dehumidifier may not work due to the heating required for the condenser coil. This usually becomes difficult due to the outside temperature. In such a case a desiccant dehumidifier is more suitable. The desiccant material is used to suck up the moisture from the air in a natural way. It exhausts the dry air to keep the warehouse environment safe and dry. Warehouse dehumidifier TTK-655SThis also ensures that the pests, insects and other problems arising out of damp air are kept away. The damp & moist air is conducive for algae and fungal growth and also has a corrosive nature to the fixtures made of iron and steel. This involves periodic cleaning and maintenance procedures to the warehouse and it could become a costly affair. A dehumidifier helps in reducing the operational cost of the warehouses by keeping the humidity levels to the right amount to ensure a safe and working environment.

Models of warehouse dehumidifiers

Few of our models of warehouse dehumidifiers are listed below:

  1. Warehouse dehumidifier model VAC-DH-600BYwarehouse-dehumidifier-VAC-DH-600-MiddleEast-Africa-Saudi-Iraq-Kuwait-Qatar-Egypt-Jordan-Lebanon-Erbil

    This is a high capacity dehumidifier suitable for warehouses.

    Features of warehouse dehumidifier VAC-DH-600BY

    1. It is self-contained and fully automatic.
    2. It has an integral humidistat.
    3. Evaporator and condenser are covered in polyester.
    4. It has a galvanized steel cabinet coated with plastisol.
    5. For very low-temperature operation, it has reverse cycle defrost.

    Options for warehouse dehumidifier VAC-DH-600BY

    1. Optional top discharge box can be provided to suit your installation requirements.
    2. If you want filtration of the return air, a return air filter can be fitted.
    3. If you want to pump the condensed water, an optional condensate pump is required.
    4. For better operations, we can provide a high-pressure fan.
    5. Soft start facility can be incorporated for the compressor.
    6. The condenser unit can be made into an external unit.
    7. For energy efficiency, heat recovery to water can be provided.
    8. The humidistat for controlling the humidity can be remotely placed.

    Specifications of warehouse dehumidifier VAC-DH-600BY

    1. Operating temperature range is -15 to +35 degrees Celsius.
    2. Dehumidification at 30 degrees Celsius, 60 relative humidity is 600 litres per 24 hours.
    3. Heat recovered to air at 30 degrees Celsius, 60 relative humidity is 29.7 kilowatt.
    4. Airflow is 900 cubic metre per hour.
    5. External static pressure is 80Pa.
    6. Sound pressure level at 3 metres is 63dB(A).
    7. The refrigerant of VAC-DH-600BY is R407c.
    8. The power supply is 400 Volt, Three-phase, 50 Hz.
    9. Nominal power consumption is 10 kilowatt.
    10. FLA of VAC-DH-600BY is 26A.
    11. Maximum supply fuse is 35A.
    12. LRA (compressor start) is 135A.
    13. LRA (compressor soft-start) is 55A.
    14. Product size (w x d x h) is 1730 x 1250 x 1600 millimetres.
    15. Weight of VAC-DH-600BY is 497 kilograms.
    16. Condensate drain size (flexible plastic hose) is 1½ BSPM inch.
  2. Warehouse Dehumidifier Model VAC-DH-150BX

    This warehouse dehumidifier is a high capacity compact model having a maximum dehumidification capacity of 250 litres per day. Brief details of this model are given below.

    Desiccant warehouse dehumidifier TTR1000 ES

    1. Dehumidification capacity at 30 °C, 80 % RH is 250 litre per day.
    2. Dehumidification capacity at 20°C, 60 % RH is 110 litre per day.
    3. Max. air volume capacity is 2,200 cubic meter per hour.
    4. Operating temperature range is 0°C to 40°C
    5. Operating humidity range is 30%RH to 90%RH
    6. Type of cooling agent is R-407C
    7. Sound pressure level at 3 m is 58 dB

High capacity warehouse dehumidifier DubaiThe desiccant dehumidifiers work in below zero temperature conditions and do not rely on a mechanical way of reheating the air using the condenser coils. These are a bit expensive than the refrigerant ones due to the desiccant material used. In most of the cases, the silica gel is used as a desiccant material, which also serves as repellents. Silica gel is good for the absorption of moisture from the air. When it comes to a dehumidifier for a warehouse, the challenge lies in the environmental condition and the space of the warehouse. Ventilation plays a major role in warehouses with larger spaces. Airflow from the outside of the warehouse affects dehumidification. But in cases where ventilation control is not possible, you may have to use a higher capacity warehouse dehumidifier.
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