Tent heater

Electrical heaters and Oil heaters manufactured by Dantherm, Denmark (by their group Master, Italy) are suitable for heating of tents.

Heaters for Tents

Based on the size of the tent you can decide the required capacity of the heater. Few of our models in each category are listed below:

Specification of Electric heater model VAC-B5A for Tents

  1. It has a heating power of 2.5/5 kilowatts.
  2. (8,530-17,000 Btu per hour and 2,150-4,300 kcal per hour.)
  3. The air displacement is 510 m³ per hour.
  4. It works with 3 phase 400 Volts and 50 Hertz power supply.
  5. The male plug from the heater side is 16A/5P.
  6. The rated current is 7.2 A.
  7. Switch Pos. 1 is off and the switch pos. 2 is a fan.
  8. Switch Pos. 3 is 2.5/5.0 kilowatts.
  9. It has a thermostat control.
  10. The temperature range is 5-35 °C.
  11. The electronic box protection is IP24.
  12. Product size (l x w x h) is 310 x 360 x 380 mm.
  13. Box size (l x w x h) is 380 x 330 x 440 mm.
  14. With the net/gross weight of 6.4/6.8 kilograms.
  15. One pallet comes with 24 pcs.

Indirect oil fired air heater model VAC-BV400A for Tents

This is with 2 stage master burner

  1. It has a plug fan.
  2. The total air pressure is 500 Pa.
  3. The ductability is 50 meters.
  4. The air displacement is 6,200 m³ per hour.
  5. It has a power fan motor of 2,000/1,600 W/rpm.
  6. The flex tube is 2 x 31 cm or 1 x 41 cm.
  7. It has heating power of 110/80 kilowatts.
  8. (375,000 / 237,000 Btu per hour and 94,600/68,800 kcal per hour.)
  9. The maximum air temperature is 95°C.
  10. It has an analog/digital remote thermostat.
  11. It has summer ventilation.
  12. The flue tube is 150 mm.
  13. The electronic box protection is IP44.
  14. It has a fuel tank capacity of 150 liters.
  15. The fuel consumption is 10.2 high mode/ 7.7 low mode liter per hour.
  16. The rated current is 6.8 A.
  17. It works with 220-240 Volts and 50 Hertz power supply.
  18. With a net weight of 230 kilograms.
  19. Product size (l x w x h) is 2,086 x 717 x 1,233 mm.
  20. Box size (l x w x h) is 1,634 x 686 x 1,468 mm.

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